Casino games are the very reason why people visit casinos in the first place. These games of various types are played online by thousands of players every day. The most popular type of casino game nowadays are the video slots, often referred to as just slots. There are of course also table games such as poker, BlackJack, and roulette to enjoy, as well as live casino games. Every month there are several new titles launched from many different game providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft Gaming, Playtech, Yggdrasil and many others. These are mostly slots. Here at Casino Bonus, we want to give you the latest slot news by writing up reviews of the most thrilling and new slot games at the moment. Explore your slots in the list below that is constantly growing and play safe!

Slot Game Reviews

The list of reviewed video slot games above will constantly be expanded with the latest and most exciting games that is being released. Come back to this site every now and then to explore more thrilling games.

Casino game types

Let’s quickly go through some of the most common and played casino game types at today’s online casinos. The most popular are slots, table games, and live games.

gamesSlots – the most popular game type

Slots, or video slots, are the most popular and played casino game online at the time of writing. These are the type of game where you are spinning wheels that shows different symbols. After each spin of the wheels, these symbols will create paylines if you are lucky. A payline is a combination of symbols that will make a win in the game. The best combination of symbols are usually the ones that include many symbols of the same kind, for example, 4x Ace symbols in a row, 3x King symbols in a row or some special symbols in a row including the infamous Scatter, Wild or Bonus symbols. Many video slots of today are super modern with insane graphics, sound and where you have the opportunity to win big, especially if you play on any slot with a progressive jackpot.

Table Games – Poker, BlackJack, Roulette & more

Table are games that are often played at a table, with or without a dealer or croupier. These can be different kinds of poker games, blackjack games or roulette games for example but there are tons more. Table games are perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of physical land-based casinos in Las Vegas and such places. But they are also very popular online.

Live Casino Games

Live Casino games have slowly seen more and more players come to their tables. These types of games are something of a hybrid between the physical and the digital world. A live dealer will be seen on a camera when playing online, and you can interact and bet with the dealer directly via the online screen. You can sometimes also talk to the live dealer in a microphone and these dealers often enjoy to talk very much. You will never have a boring moment while playing a live casino game, that’s for sure.

We review the latest casino games

At, we love all types of casino games and especially slots. These are the type of games that we will review the most for you to read. You can find the complete (and growing) list of slot and casino game reviews further up on this page. If you think that we miss some really interesting game please let us know. We hope you enjoy our reviews and we wish you the best of luck and the most of fun while playing on your casino games, whatever type of games that might be.

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