Wicked Tales: Dark Red Slot

The casino game studio Microgaming has released many new exciting online slot machine games throughout 2018. Among their newest releases is the Wicked Tales: Dark Red slot, slated to debut online in September 2018. There is no bigger online gaming company than Microgaming, and this shows in the quality of each new release.

A New Spin on a Classic

Wicked Tales: Dark Red is a little bit like Microgaming’s take on NetEnt’s Little Red Riding Hood. Players travel with the main character through the Ravenmire forests. They will find that the game takes them on a much darker adventure than the original fairytale ever did.

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Symbols, features and Bonuses

The symbols used on the reels include a pendant, a man holding a torch, red candles and a wolf. Red Riding Hood serves as the wild symbol, which is always an important symbol players should look out for. The logo serves as the game’s scatter symbol and triggers a bonus game. Three of which is built into the game and can be triggered at random moments.

The bonus portion of the game comes into play thanks to its own version of a wheel of fortune, called the Wolf’s Wheel. This feature is triggered when players get the game’s logo symbol on the reels three times in one spin. When players spin the wheel and the treasure chest symbol comes up, it triggers the bonus feature called Forest of Fortunes, which is a bonus game where players choose objects that have a specific coin value. In addition to this bonus, players may spin the Wolf’s Wheel and get free spins if it lands on a high paying symbol. When this happens, players get nine spins of the reels for free.

wicked tales dark red microgaming

Other bonus features of the game include Wandering Reels. When this feature is activated, three reels travel across the game screen together, creating many more winning combinations of symbols. Multipliers are also used to increase players’ winnings even more.

Wicked Tales: Dark Red – Review Conclusion

Wicked Tales: Dark Red is not the only online slot machine that is based on Little Red Riding Hood. But it still takes a whole different approach to the story. The game takes a well-known child’s fairytale and turns it into something dark and disturbing. The game appeals to a whole demographic of players that may not have been interested in it otherwise.

As a brand new release, it remains to be seen whether or not the game will be as successful as others with a similar theme.

wicked tales dark red slot
However, it is safe to say that it will grab the attention of players all over the world, even if just to satisfy their curiosity about how dark the game actually is.

Despite the fact that the game is new, it can be played not only online, but also using a mobile device. This opens it up to a whole new group of players that want to be able to take their favorite slot machine games with them everywhere that they go. As a result, the game is likely to be popular among the younger generations of online gamblers. Do you want to see a list of our recommended online casinos as of now? Then go to Casino-Bonus.com start page to find our picks. Play safe!

Nicholas Cross