Tridentia Slot – A Poseidon Slot by Blueprint Gaming

If you’re a fan of Greek mythology, then you’ve definitely heard of Poseidon. He’s the God of the treacherous sea. To that end, there’s now a slot game with one of the biggest Greek Gods. The slot game in question is called Tridentia. Tridentia is a fun slot game that definitely has something to offer.

Joining the Greek God of the sea

First of all, the theme is set to the Greek God of the sea, as we’ve mentioned. So, you can expect to see the soothing blue colour splattered all over the reels. Now, we can’t really say that this is a gorgeous game. In fact, it’s pretty lacking when it comes to the visuals. Blueprint Gaming didn’t really invest a lot of time and effort in drawing and animating the visuals. And we think that this is a bad thing as the game has huge potential. If for an example, NetEnt has designed a game about Poseidon, it would look better. It would look a lot better, to be frank. Blueprint Gaming decided not to use the latest technological advancements for the visuals in this game. But still, it can be fun to look at the Greek mythological symbols and Poseidon himself.
tridentia slot blueprint gaming

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Conquering the treacherous seas

Now, what about the gameplay of Tridentia? Do you have some exciting features to look forward to? Well, there’s the bonus feature that we will mention first. If you get three or more bonus symbols, you activate 12 free spins. If you get more than 3 bonus symbols – you will get rewarded with some extra money. There’s always the symbol of Poseidon to look forward to. And this is a wild symbol. As is the case with the other slot games – the wild symbol has the same properties. It can replace the other symbols except for the bonus symbol.

Now, what we positively hate about this game is its very low RTP rate. It has an RTP rate of 93.97%. And this is very low. Sure, you can strike a jackpot – there’s always the chance for this. But the chances are very low. Most other slots have RTP rates well over 95%. If your goal is to make money – then you should play another game.

tridentia blueprint gaming

Tridentia Slot – In conclusion

So, Tridentia by Blueprint Gaming is definitely not without its faults. It has a very low RTP rate and a lacking theme. If you want to you can try it out yourself. Perhaps you will end up liking it.

Nicholas Cross