Carnaval Forever – a new slot game made by Betsoft!

Carnaval Forever is one of the newest Betsoft titles that the players can play. This is a game that features the world-renowned and famous carnival of Rio. If you know anything about the world and about Brazil in particular, then you’ve definitely heard of the carnival. And if you believe that the name “Carnaval Forever” has a typo – then you’re mistaken.

The term “Carnaval” is actually the Portuguese term for “Carnival”. But enough with the semantics. Does this game have anything unique to offer? Read and find out.

an upbeat Brazilian-sounding music that will guide the way

The theme of Carnaval Forever

You already know what the theme is all about. It’s about the world-famous carnival of Rio. There is an upbeat Brazilian-sounding music that will guide the way for you. And the entire atmosphere is that of the carnival itself. There are some fantastic visuals and you will really feel like you’re there. If you’re after a more low-key game – then Carnaval Forever is not for you.

But for those of you that would like to feel a glimpse of what the carnival is all about – without actually attending – you should play this game. Theme-wise – you won’t regret it.

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Gameplay and features

So, what does this game has to offer in terms of features and the gameplay? It’s a standard slot game for the most part. There are ten pay lines in total and you can make the winning combinations on them. Aside from this, there are also other things that you could look forward to, though. The most unique feature about this game is the feature with which you can buy free spins. This is kind of contradictory since if you pay for the free spins then it means that they are no longer free. However, throwing aside this contradiction, this is a fun feature to use. It can bring twice the excitement of the regular spins and perhaps even win you big sums of money.

Now, the benefit of purchasing additional free spins comes in the fact that the RTP rate is slightly higher. The RTP rate for the regular game is set at 96.22%. But for the special feature of buying the free spins – it’s 96.63%. So, you will have slightly higher chances of winning money. However, the difference – at 0.41% is not tat large to begin with. So, you shouldn’t expect that you will instantly win huge piles of money with this feature.

You can also access the free spins by getting three scatter symbols. The best thing is that even if you don’t have 3 scatters – you will gather them in your collection. With each scatter symbol that comes out, it will be cheaper for you to purchase free spins. The cost can fall down to zero.

In conclusion

So, the Carnaval Forever game by Betsoft is definitely a contender to enter the list of top slot games. It’s a shame that the reputation of Betsoft is taking a fall given the numerous reports of this game’s company being rigged. You always need to be careful around these games.

But either way, we hope you will have fun at the carnival with Carnaval Forever. Play it at one of the new casinos 2020 and look for yourself!

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