MAYA Slot Review – Mayan themed game by Red Rake Gaming

There are countless online slots that you can play. And many of them are quite good. But how can you find out which ones are the best? It’s easy – by reading reviews such as this one. If you read the rest of this review, you’ll get to read more about a Red Rake Gaming game. And this game is called MAYA. So, if you’re interested, then read on.

take the form of various figurines inspired by the Mayan culture

Playing MAYA

Slot games are all pretty similar. You will get to select the size of your bet per spin and then spin the reels. There will be different numbers of pay lines and symbols. But the core of the games is always the same. To that end, MAYA is not that different from the rest. If you have already played some other slot games, then MAYA won’t seem strange to you in any way.

Truth be told, there are some special features in practically every slot. And MAYA is no exception to this. For example, if you get the three scatter symbols, then you activate the bonus game. Here, you will get 7 free spins. If you get a huge scatter symbol, then you will get an additional 3 free spins.

Then there’s the Mayan’s Gold feature. If you get 6 Mayan gold coins, then you activate it. You will get 3 free spins. If another coin should come by, then the remaining free spins reset to 3. And the feature ends when there are no free spins left or the screen is full of coins. The game features 50 pay lines.

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Taking in the rich Mayan heritage

The Mayans are known for their unique and highly-developed culture. And you can look forward to seeing this culture in the game. The game looks beautiful – if we were to be blunt. There are many gorgeously drawn symbols. Most of them take the form of various figurines inspired by the Mayan culture. If you’re a history buff, then you should definitely try this game out.

You will get to see the majestic Mayan pyramids in the background while you play. In fact, the main bonus symbol of the game is in the form of a pyramid. Long story short – the game is rather beautiful to look at. We know that you will end up liking its theme, no matter who you are.

In conclusion

So, that’s all there is to the MAYA game, made by Red Rake Gaming. Give it a chance if you find it in some of these new online casinos. We hope you will love it.
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