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This page describes the Cookies & Privacy Policy (Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy) for (also referred to as “we”, “us”, “website” etc). This Cookies & Privacy Policy was last updated in December of 2018.

1. Cookie Policy

At, we use cookies in order to enhance the user experience of our website and make the use of our website more comfortable and convenient. When you visit our website for the first time, you will see a disclaimer at the bottom of the page. By clicking agree and continue to use our website, you accept this Cookie Policy and the use and storage of cookies on your computer or device.

1.1 What are cookies and why do we use them?

A cookie is a small text file that saves information about your visit to a certain website. The reason for this is to make the user experience the best possible for the visitors. Cookies can for examples save information on certain preferences or choices made by the user in order to make the website experience better. Cookies can also give us information on what kind of device a visitor browses our website (if it is a mobile phone or a desktop computer for example), how much time a visitor spends on a certain webpage on the site, and more. With this information, we can see the behaviours of our visitors and build our website to reflect what visitors tend to like the most. These cookies are optional and you can easily turn off or delete cookies in your browser settings (see links further down).

1.2 Different types of cookies

Some main categories of cookies are the following:

  • Session “temporary” cookies: These are used while you browse a website and is needed in order for the website to work as good as possible, as intended. As soon as you close the browser, these session cookies will be deleted.
  • Functional “permanent” cookie: These are used in order to save certain preferences or settings made by the user so that these preferences are shown again the next visit. This allows for a more personalized visit to a website.
  • Analytical cookie: These are used for analytical purposes, for example with Google Analytics, so that a website owner can gain statistics on the user behaviours of a website and with that info make it possible to change the website so that the user experience gets better. If we, for example, see that most visitors use more mobile devices instead of computers, it might be a good idea to build the website with a focus on mobile use.

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1.3 How you can manage cookies

As a visitor, you can decide how you want to handle and manage cookies when you visit a website. If you want, you can delete already saved cookies and also choose to not save cookies at all in your browser. However,  you need to understand that if you decline or reject cookies, the website might not work as fully intended.

Go here in order to see how you can manage cookies depending on the type of browser you use.

Go here if you want to opt out of Google Analytics.

2. Privacy Policy

Here, we describe how we collect, save and use your personal data when visiting our website This Privacy Policy falls under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

2.1 Terms and Definitions

  • Automated data processing — information processing using the software.
  • Website — a combination of graphics and website code delivered via the internet.
  • Personal data information system — an all-encompassing system used to collect, store and manage persona data using database technology.
  • Anonymization of personal data — Processes that make it impossible to determine the identification of the person involved.
  • Personal data processing — any process or action that edits, imports, enters, or modifies personal data in any way possible. Essentially, anytime personal data is accessed and used.
  • Personal data — information that relates directly to a specific individual.
  • User — an individual user visiting this website.
  • Cookies — a small data file sent from the website to a user that is stored on their local computer. Cookies are used to offer a tailored experience for users.

2.2 Data Collection – What we collect

  • Device IP address along with derivate information from IP address such as location.
  • Web browser type used to access the website.
  • Web browser language used.
  • Display screen resolution.
  • The national time zone of the User.
  • The operating system of the device used to access the website.
  • Make, model and type of device used
  • Any email address submitted when using the website.

2.3 Purpose of Collecting Data

The primary purpose of collecting and processing personal data is to provide a user with a tailored, customized service based on their own preferences and browsing habits.

In addition to this, the site admin retains the right to notify the User about new services and products relating to the website in addition to new events and changes via Email for subscribed users. An unsubscribe option is available if the User does not wish to receive such personalized notifications.

Anonymized data of individual users collected through this website is used to improve the services we offer. Utilizing data like this allows us to continually improve our content based on the habits and information we find relating to users.

2.4 How data is stored and how to ask for removal

Primarily, the use of cookies is required for users to be able to use the websites and all their functions, for example, the access to personalized sections of the website, i.e. a user login. If they wish, the User can block the use of cookies via the automated message, or via their web browser settings. If this is the case, they must be aware this can affect the website functionality.

Analytical cookies are different from standard cookies – these collect and store information about users’ habits and how they access the website.

Analytical cookies allow the Site admin to access information about User’s preferences and likes to ultimately provide a tailored service to the User. For example, a cookie may show which website pages the User accesses the most, or spends the most time on – this would allow the site admin to promote these pages and provide a better browsing experience.

Cookies can be fully disabled via web browser settings. Please be aware that this will have an effect on the User’s browsing experience. We advise you to check the help section of the web browser for the usefulness and purpose of cookies fully before taking any such action.

If you like to get in touch please contact us at

This Cookies and Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time. Visit this page on a regular basis if you want to be sure to read the current versions of these policies. By continuing to use our website, you accept how we collect and handle data for the purposes mentioned in these policies.

We never sell any data to any third party and we take the protection of data seriously. If you have any questions on this Cookies and Privacy Policy, you are welcome to contact us and we will do our best to answer as fast as possible.

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