Legend of the Nile Slot – Egyptian themed Game by Betsoft!

With simple graphics and soothing music, Legend of the Nile is a calm, sedate online slot machine game that uses an Egyptian theme not uncommon among its predecessors. While the game isn’t the most exciting ever, it’s got some features that make it worth playing.

Legend of the Nile – Features & Graphics

Boasting a six by six layout, Legend of the Nile is not your typical slot machine. But this is a good thing because it offers a feature that makes the game a lot more exciting. Its cluster pays go hand in hand with its exploding wins, which are much more stimulating to watch than your typical winning symbol combination. Anytime a player gets a winning combination the symbols that formed it explode. When they do, new symbols appear in their place. This continues for as long as winning combinations are achieved.

Free spins also sweeten the pot. Players get them with the right number of Anubus and Isis symbols on the reels. When Iris appears on the reels at least four times after one spin, players not only win a cash prize but they also advance players on the game’s Isis Trail. The trail is seen on the left-hand side of the reels and lets players advance through it based on the outcome of their spins. For every cluster pays winning combination players move one step for each symbol that contributed to their win. Players move along the trail with each spin of the reels and reset any time free spins are won.

betsoft slot legend of the nile
For the bravest players out there, each win brings with it the chance to start a coin toss. If they correctly guess the side it lands on, they double their winnings. But a wrong guess results in losing those winnings rather than doubling them. This is a completely optional feature that players can choose to skip at any time.

Every time Ra appears on the reels players get a cash prize

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The Ra Power Bar

This game also includes the Ra Power Bar. The Ra being one of the symbols on the reels is something to look out for. Every time Ra appears on the reels players get a cash prize. The Power Bar fills up with every occurrence of Ra after any spin. Like the Anubus, the Ra also has a trail that players can follow. Get enough of the coveted Ra symbol on the reels and free spins are awarded. With anywhere from nine to 15 free spins awarded each time, players may even hit the game’s progressive jackpot.

Player’s Conclusion of Legend of the Nile

A lack of impressive graphics and symbols, combined with background music that may make players eventually turn the music off, can be somewhat of a downer. But the bonus features are what really makes this game. While it isn’t the most visually creative ever, the bonus features add a unique twist to it that other slots just don’t offer. For Betsoft, this is one of the simpler games, aimed at players who are more concerned with relaxing and enjoying themselves than chasing that big win that may never happen.
legend of the nile

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