King of Dwarves – a review of the Amatic online slot game

Amatic is definitely not one of the biggest iGaming developers. There are other studios that can take this title. But Amatic has indeed made some quality games in the past. They are worthy of being available in new online casinos of the internet. And one of these games goes by the name of King of Dwarves.

Now, right at the outset, we must mention that this isn’t the best looking of the slot games. The fact of the matter is that it can look rather plain and average. Sure, it’s colourful. There are some nice symbols with specific visual design. But other than that, we really can’t say that it’s a gorgeous game.

the 10 pay lines can bring you huge wins

Playing the King of Dwarves game

But where this game made by Amatic shine is in the field of features. There are 10 pay lines. But this shouldn’t disappoint you. The fact is that the 10 pay lines can bring you huge wins. And the reason for this is the fact that there is a respin feature. Every time you get a winning combination, there will be a respin. And the respin can once again bring you a new winning combination – for yet another respin. The cycle ends when there are no more new winning combinations or there aren’t any new symbols. And you can make huge wins with this feature alone.

Then there’s the scatter symbols in the form of keys. If you get three of them, you will activate the bonus feature. This feature is the 10 free spins. If you get additional keys during this feature – you will get +2 free spins for each one of them. These two features alone can bring you big wins. All it takes for you have is a little luck and you will be on your way to riches. And finally, by incorporating the wild symbol – you can make additional wins. The wild symbol will take the form of all the other symbols except the scatters.

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The conclusion of The fairytale land of the king of dwarves

The music plays only sporadically. It has a distinctive Irish-sounding melody – although we can’t really tell why this is the case. But most of the slot games have fun and catchy music, so it’s hardly a surprise.

King of Dwarves by Amatic is definitely not the best looking or best-animated game. But it can still pack a powerful punch due to its exciting features.

king of dwarves slot

Nicholas Cross