The Angler – A fishing slot game

If you’re a fan of fishing, then we have a game to recommend to you. This game is called The Angler and it’s designed by a leading name in online slot-design, namely, Betsoft Gaming. But some of the best slot games differ from their competition by virtue of the fact that they attract even people that have nothing to do with the theme of the game. So, the real question here is whether you will like this game even if you don’t like fishing at all? Read below and find more information about this.

Theme and story of this fishing game

As far as slot game stories go – this one is very simple. You will follow the adventure of a burly fisherman that goes by the name of Otis. He is on a never-ending mission to get the biggest catch and it’s your mission to help him with this. The story is very simple and it leaves little room for extensive visual masterpieces and videos that will captivate your attention.

The graphics are very simple but you can immediately see that exquisite attention has been paid to the details. The way the drawings are drawn will leave you with a feeling of awe if you know how to appreciate art. If all you want to see are excessive visuals and over-the-top drawings, then you will need to play another game in order to satisfy this need of yours, because you won’t find these things in The Angler.

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However, the drawings of the symbols and the fisherman himself are pretty unique and inviting. They are easy on the eye. You will enjoy this especially if you’re a fan of fishing yourself. But even if you aren’t, the drawings are very pleasant to look at.

The music is to the usual happy-go-lucky theme. I’m personally not a fan of this kind of music as I find it too childish. However, if all you wish to do is relax by setting your mind free from worries – then this “childish” music may be exactly the thing that you need most.

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Gameplay of The Angler

However, the true merit of any slot game is in the gameplay. All the graphics and attention to detail in the world won’t matter at all if you can’t really have fun while playing the game. So, how does The Angler hold in this sense?

Well, in our experience, this game can get rather bland at times. There are simply far too few unique options and features in this game to make it worth your while. There are 5 reels and 20 fixed pay lines. And on these pay lines, you will be able to see various symbols of different kinds of fish, turtles, oysters, and so on. Depending on the value of the symbol – you will be able to make winning combinations on the pay lines. Check the value of all of the symbols of the game by seeing the pay table.

Wilds and Bonus features

The wild symbol comes in the form of a red octopus. It can replace any other symbol of the game, except for the bonus symbols. The scatter symbol comes in the form of an oyster with a pearl. If you can get a few of these, then you will be given a number of free spins. The unique thing about these free spins is that the wild symbols all become sticky during this feature. This means that if you can get one or more of these symbols during the free spins – they will stick in place and they will remain there for the rest of the free spins.

This is all neatly designed by making the octopuses use their tentacles and grab the lines on the reels. This is a great feature that can bring you a lot of money – we have come to enjoy it a number of times while we played this game.

Then there’s the most unique symbol in the game – the bonus symbol. It’s a bucket full of fish and there is a fishing rod encircling it. If you get three of these symbols on the pay reels at any given spin – you will get access to the bonus game.

Otis goes to sea bonus game

Now, you may see that the promotional materials about this game say that this is an “exciting and novel, unique feature”. But our personal sentiments are to the opposite. Of course, it adds excitement and novelty to the game – but the bonus game is far from being very unique. Otis climbs a small boat and goes to sea. You will then have two options to pick from – he can either reel in the next fish, or he can pull it out from the water. So, you have a 50/50 chance to guess whether he needs to pull or reel in. You will still get a credit bonus by virtue of the fact that you have accessed this game. However, you may be lucky enough to not even guess a single of the methods with which you will need to catch fish during the bonus game.

You will have, in total, 6 tries to catch fish in the bonus game. Every fish that you catch will give you a bonus. After you have finished the 6 turns, you will be taken back to the original game where you can hope that you will be able to take another shot at the bonus game soon enough.

The Angler by Betsoft – In conclusion

Sadly, we can’t really recommend this game to you if you’re not really interested in fishing. If you are – then you may find the fishing symbols and the entire atmosphere and music fun. But if you’re not, then there are far better options for games that you can play that are a lot more fun than The Angler because of the original features that they have.

That being said, we feel that The Angler definitely has its place in the library of online slot games that you can try out in your spare time. And who knows, you may end up liking it more than we at did.

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Nicholas Cross