BerryBurst Slot – A New Classic Video Slot from NetEnt?

One of the biggest names in the field of iGaming is NetEnt. This is a company that consistently puts out great titles of games. And their games feature top of the line production qualities. One of the most popular games that NetEnt has put out is Starburst. This is a game that thousands of people have played and loved. Well, NetEnt has decided to put in a sequel to this game. But it won’t really be in the exact theme. This new game is called Berryburst. We know, we know – we’re not really fans of the name ourselves. However, does this game have something exciting to offer? Read the rest of this review and find out for yourself.

Symbols of the game BerryBurst

As the name suggests, the symbols won’t be stars and other space elements. The symbols will be fruits and berries. And some people may not like this change from stars to fruits. However, this is just a cosmetic change – and most people won’t really care about it. That being said, there are some other symbols in the game as well. These are card types. There are hearts, spades, and diamonds. As for the main symbols, there are mandarins, oranges, and raspberries. There is one special symbol that comes in the form of the letter “W”. It stands (rather unimaginatively) for “Wild”. It’s a wild symbol and it has a special feature.
berry burst slot
Once it falls on the reels – it spreads vertically. This means that it takes entire vertical rows. And as the game’s trailer shows – the entire reels can get filled with wild symbols. And this will grant you a huge win! It’s worth going for this big win if you think that you’re lucky enough.

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Theme, music, and graphics

The entire game is very simple in this sense. The theme is, as you may have guessed – fruits. There is no side-story, there are no quests that you can go through – nothing like this. And there are two schools to this thought. First, the old-school slot games featured fruits. This is how the game started. So, you can say in a sense that Berryburst is an old-school type game. But this isn’t necessarily the case. This game can be played on the internet – which makes it new school. However, if you’re fascinated by that sense of nostalgia for old-school slot games, then you can play this game.

The second school of thought says that the newer slot games should have some nice visuals and effects. They should portray the immense progress in the field of technology. Well, in this sense, Berryburst falls a bit short. The fact of the matter is that this game doesn’t feature any special effects. Again, it has no quests nor excessive visuals. It’s simple. But then again, some people love this simplicity and they can’t get enough of it. If you’re one such person, this game is for you.

Some people love this simplicity and they can’t get enough of it

The music doesn’t really warrant its own paragraph. It’s simple and it’s catchy. It’s a little too catchy even. You may find that you’re thinking about the music even when you’re not playing the game. Even while you’re not doing anything remotely similar. Well, this is the essence of the music that they put in gambling games. They want to make you think about the games even when you’re not playing them. But in this sense, the music can get a bit too old a bit too quick. If you find it boring, then be sure to turn it off.

Berryburst and mobile devices support

Berryburst is one of the newest games that NetEnt has made. We have already said that this company is one of the biggest names in iGaming. And NetEnt makes their newer games with state of the art HTML5 technology. For the technologically-unsavvy among you, this means that the games feature cross-platform support. And this, in turn, means that their games are compatible with many different kinds of mobile devices.

Well, such is the case with Berryburst as well. The official NetEnt trailer shows that this game is compatible with mobile devices. You can see how it looks when it’s played on a smartphone. In this sense, you’re not likely to have any problems with Berryburst and cross-platform support.


Finally, we have come to the meat of the article. What’s the gameplay of this game like? Well, by now you should know the answer to this question. The gameplay is simple. This is neither good nor bad. It’s good because you won’t be bombarded with excessive visuals that will only serve to grab your attention. It’s bad because of the exact same reason – you won’t see special effects that may captivate you.

And the way the game goes is that you will need to place a bet first. The bet can vary from 0.20 cents to 100 USD. The biggest win that you can get is 5,000 USD. The number of pay lines is fixed and you won’t be able to change it. And then what remains for you to do is hit the “spin” button. The game takes care of the rest. You will be able to see after this if you have made a winning combination or not. Simple, right? Even people that have never played slots in their life will be able to grasp how this game works.

In conclusion

Berryburst is a new, fun game made by iGaming giant NetEnt. Is it a worthy successor of the legendary NetEnt title Starburst? Only time will tell – initially, people seem to like it. But we fear that this game hasn’t done enough to add novelty. Everything seems a bit bland and overused. The game is very simple. If you want to see new features, then you should look elsewhere in other games. However, if you want to spend some time on the slots on a high-quality, old-school slot game – Berryburst is definitely for you.
Be sure to check it out and see if you like it. We think that you will do too. If you like NetEnt games you probably also would like games like Jumanji, Phantoms Curse and the classic title Guns N Roses. All are reviewed by us at

Nicholas Cross