Fat Rabbit – the features of this charming little slot game

Slot games nowadays have all different themes. The developers need to find new themes in order to set their games apart from the competition. And one such zany little game with a specific theme is Fat Rabbit. The name itself is weird (and funny). The basic setup of this game is on a farm. The music also follows the theme closely and adds to the farm-life experience. And the main character of the game, of course, is the rabbit. It’s a symbol with special powers.

Farm life is pretty much synonymous with being at one with nature. It’s very relaxing and comfortable to live a farm life. And this game will make you feel exactly that – relaxation and comfort. There are slot developers that have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars for the development of slots. These slots have extensive features and graphics. But Fat Rabbit is comparatively a very simple slot. And herein lies its charm.

Fat Rabbit does indeed have a unique feature

The Rabbit’s quest for the carrot

Of course, another important thing that all slots need to have is some special features. Otherwise, the slot game would look bland and uninspired. Well, Fat Rabbit does indeed have a unique feature. First off, there’s the main symbol of the game – the fat rabbit symbol. His special power is that he’s a wild symbol. This means that you can use it for making winning combinations with the other symbols of the game. There are 50 pay lines and the long-term average RTP rate is set at 96.45%.

Now, the second special symbol in the game is the carrot. The carrot is also a wild symbol. Magic happens when you combine these two symbols on the reels. You will get a number of free spins. And if there is a carrot on the reels – the rabbit will start travelling towards it to eat it. Once he does this, he will grow bigger in size. The carrot meter also rises. And what you get is additional free spins and even bigger wild symbols. There’s one additional thing – the carrots aren’t regular symbols in the game. There’s a special circumstance that needs to be triggered for you to get them. Every once in a while – there will be a harvester coming on the reels. And it will bring carrots to the reels.

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Our conclusion of the Fat Rabbit slot

Fat Rabbit is a very charming game. It doesn’t have any extensive, complex features. It’s perfect for the people that wish to relax while imagining they are on a tranquil farm – living the good life.

This is our first review of a Push Gaming review. There will be more in the future for sure. While waiting, make sure to read our other slot reviews.

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