Queens Day Tilt – A 3 by 3 slot in the Queens Kingdom

Though there are plenty of classic slots, more keep being released. The game developer Play n Go kicked off 2019 by releasing Queens Day Tilt. As a typical three reel slot machine game it likely has limited entertainment opportunities. While some players may enjoy the nostalgia of it, many other online slots have proven more entertaining.

a free spins feature activated by the queen

Typical Symbols

In keeping with the game’s royal theme, the distinct symbols on the reels are a knight, hearts and a queen. Otherwise, the game features the same number and card symbols classic slots always feature. In a small way, the game is medieval themed but doesn’t do much to reflect that.

Its wild symbol is represented by a queen. When she appears on the reels three times in one spin, players win eight times their bet.

Royal Bonuses

It is easy to achieve winning combinations of symbols. If even one reel has at least two symbols that match, players win money. The addition of three of the same symbols turns one into a wild symbol. When this happens, players win even more.

play n go slot queens day tilt

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One of the bonus features come into play randomly. A ruler can appear on the reels when no winning combination is achieved. Then the reels get an additional wild symbol that lets players win money.

The other bonus feature is the Game of Accession. The presence of two high paying symbols on the reels triggers two free spins. During those free spins the knight symbol will be on the reels. There is also a free spins feature activated by the queen. This is what players hope for. Even though only five free spins are awarded, players could win big. The luckiest will win 5,000 times the amount of the bet they placed.

Final Thoughts of Queens Day Tilt

Classic slot machines are a dime a dozen. While they are easy to understand they don’t inspire much excitement. A game like Queens Day Tilt is best suited for players new to online slots. It could also be fun for those who enjoy low key games.

For everyone else, this game may be a waste of time. The smartest players know that slots are meant to be fun, not profitable. This one could be profitable, but for most players it probably won’t be.

The game is available for mobile play. However, the reason why isn’t very clear. Generally, players who access slots on their mobile device are looking for maximum excitement. This is not a game that is going to offer them that. The number of players wanting to access this game on a mobile device likely won’t be large.

queens day tilt slot
The future of Queens Day Tilt may be a bleak one. It remains to be seen whether or not the game will take off with players. The lack of high energy bonuses may be enough to drive players away. Combined with so-so graphics and a weak theme, this game has its work cut out for it. Few players will likely see any entertainment value in this game.

Nicholas Cross