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There are many, many slot games. As things stand, the slots are some of the most popular iGaming games to date. And it goes without saying that they are profitable for casinos. They typically offer a huge selection of slots for the players. The players on their side all take turns to win the big sums of money. And to that end, everyone wins. One of the best slot developers is the company of Microgaming. They have made many slots. One of their newest slots is called Showdown Saloon. You can read more about it below in this review by

Showdown Saloon follows closely the cowboy theme

Running the cowboy theme in the Showdown Saloon

As the name suggests, Showdown Saloon follows closely the cowboy theme. In the game, you’re in a saloon. There are many different symbols to the theme. There are guns, whisky, stacks of chips, die, and other symbols. Peculiarly, there are guns, chips, and bullets in the background. It suggests a high-stakes no-holds-barred gambling game is being played. And the music is that of the Wild West. If you’re a fan of the western theme, you will like this game. If you aren’t… well, we really can’t say that we’re positive you will like it.

The reason for this is that the theme isn’t very well developed. Sure, the basics are there. But we feel that Microgaming hasn’t added that special touch that some of their other games have. And to that end, you could find many other games that have themes of higher quality.

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Playing against the cowboys of the west

You’re not technically playing against other cowboys in this game. But it helps to set the theme up in your mind. You’re playing, naturally, against the house. There are 15 pay lines in total and they are spread over 5 reels with 3 rows. Sadly, there aren’t many special features that you could look forward to – though there are a few.

There are mystery symbols, for one. Some of you may have played with these symbols in some other games. A particular set of reels will turn into mystery symbols during regular or free spins. They can take the form of different symbols and help you win money. If you get three or more scattered reels, then you get free spins. You can even trigger a respin. And the special features end here.

In conclusion

Showdown Saloon doesn’t really have something unique to offer. But you can still have some fun while playing this game. A lot of people dream about a life in the wild wild west, and this slot game will certainly play on that dream.

We have seen some games on this theme for the last couple of years. Even some popular new casino sites have this theme. So, if you want to take one step closer at being John Wayne, Showdown Saloon might be a good option. We hope that you will enjoy it.

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