Penguin City Slot – Charming game from Yggdrasil!

Penguin City is a very fun-to-play slot made by Yggdrasil. This is a company known for the immense quality of the games that it produces. So, what can you come to expect by playing Penguin City? Is it a good game? Are there some extra features that will make it worthwhile to play it? Be sure to read this review in order to learn about all these things.

It’s a very unique theme and it’s very enjoyable

Theme of the game

At the very start of the game – you will be treated with an introductory video. It’s a very funny video. It showcases the prowess of the animation theme at Yggdrasil. You will see a penguin smiling happily, all in slow motion. Then the penguin turns its head around and sees (with horror) that he’s on a treadmill. There is a big chance that he will be pulled at the end of it and fall in the hole. So, he starts running and gets his determination. But then he trips and stumbles and falls into the hole. We then see the penguin packed into a box.

In short, this game is about penguins. Your mission in the game is to help the penguins escape from the evil penguin emperor. It’s a very unique theme and it’s very enjoyable, to say the least. The game takes place in a Chinese-food restaurant. You will see penguins swinging by from time to time. There are also various foods in the restaurant. You’ll even get to see a few bugs crawling by.

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Playing the game

The return to player rate in Penguin City is 96.2%. The maximum win is 164700. You can win any given spin by getting three connected identical symbols. There are also many special features in this game. For example, there is the wild symbol – it can take the place of any other symbol in the game. But that’s not all about the wild symbol. If you win with it, then it will stick for another spin. Also, you will activate the penguin escape mode. During every spin here, a penguin will try and run away from Penguin City. If the penguin fails – nothing happens. If he succeeds, then you will get an additional wild or another symbol for a winning combination.

What may happen here is that the Emperor Penguin comes. He’s an expanding wild that takes an entire row. The penguins won’t try to escape while the Emperor Penguin is still here. He will leave the screen by one row at a time. The game ends once you make no additional wins.

Penguin City – As charming as a slot game can be

Penguin City packs just about enough charm to captivate the players’ attention. If you enjoy these kinds of zany, funny games, then you will definitely love Penguin City by Yggdrasil.
penguin city slot

Nicholas Cross