Speed Heroes – Motorcycle slot by Red Rake Gaming

There are a number of motorcycle sports that are highly popular among people. And there are dozens of different slots that feature this exact theme. This means that if you’re a fan of motorcycle sports, you will get to play some great slot games. And to that end, we have a suggestion to make to you.

The suggestion we have in mind is for you to play Speed Heroes by Red Rake Gaming. You will get to learn what this game is about by reading the rest of our review, below.

the highest paying symbol is the red “speed hero”

Introducing the Speed Heroes

The fact is that motorcycle fans will definitely love this game. But the fact also is that not many other people aside from this category will like it. To that end, there are the so-called Speed Heroes in the game. They are a bunch of racers. You can’t really individualize them apart from the different colouring of their clothes. They wear headgear and their faces are unseen.

And when it comes to the symbols – they are all to the tune of racing and motorcycles. There are gas canisters, tires, headgears, and other symbols. And they all have a different value. The highest paying symbol is the wild symbol. After the wild, the highest paying symbol is the red “speed hero”. And then comes the blue “speed hero”. So, the theme will definitely be liked by the people that enjoy motorcycle races.

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Features of Speed Heroes

We must mention a word or two about the features of Speed Heroes, too. The fact is that this game is jam-packed with special features. This part makes it possible that even people that aren’t motorcycle fans will end up liking this game.

For example, you can get up to 24 free spins if you’re lucky enough. And you will need to get 5 bonus symbols in the form of trophies for this to happen. You will get 12 or 16 free spins for 3 or 4 trophies, respectively.
If you get 5 piston symbols, then you activate the Sticky Pistons Roulette feature. You will get 3 spins of the reel after this. And you will be rewarded after each spin. There are also Nitro Free Spins. The more you win during the free spins, the higher the multiplier that you will get. And the more money you will make.

In conclusion

This is the rundown of what Speed Heroes is all about. If you think that you will like it – then you’re welcome to try playing it.

Play this slot and many other games at some of all the new casino sites in the United Kingdom. Please come back to us to read more news soon!

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