Nitro Circus Slot | THE choice for extreme sports fans!

Are you a fan of motorcycles? Do you enjoy watching them do special tricks in the air? Well, if this is the case, then we have a game for you. It’s called Nitro Circus and it’s made by Yggdrasil. As far as most people know, Yggdrasil is one of the best online video slots developers. Well, did they manage to capture lightning in a bottle with this game? Read the review in order to find out.

If you get the “N”, “I’, “T”, “R”, and “O” letters, then you activate the bonus game

Overall style and presentation of the game

If you’re really a fan of motorcycles then you will definitely love the game. But what if you aren’t a fan? Will you still like the game? Well, the slot is made for the motorcycle fans, this much is clear. We don’t really know the main characters of the game. There are four faces of what we believe are legends of the sport. Every time you win some money you will get to see some motorcycles doing jumps in the background. And there is hard rock music playing in the background.

If you don’t really enjoy this sport then we don’t believe that you will like this theme. But the hardcore fans of the sport will be likely delighted at the theme.

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Main features of Nitro Circus

Now, what can you come to expect by playing this slot? First, there’s the bonus game that you can access by collecting letters. If you get the “N”, “I’, “T”, “R”, and “O” letters, then you activate the bonus game. You will need to do speedups and gather prizes – and make that final jump. You will need to select your preferred motorcycle in the beginning. Different models have different features.

The base game is simple enough. You put in your bet and you start spinning the reels. By the way, there are 25 reels in this game. You can get nitro bombs and get free spins. For 3 nitro bombs, you get 10 free spins. For 4 nitro bombs, you get 20 free spins. Finally, for 5 nitro bombs, you will be rewarded with an incredible 30 free spins. The RTP rate of Nitro Circus is 97%.

In conclusion

We find it a hard task to recommend Nitro Circus to anyone that’s not a hardcore fan of motorcycles. But this is not to say that it’s impossible to enjoy this slot if you’re a casual person.

It still has some great features and can be a lot of fun to play at many new casino sites in the United Kingdom. Just check out our list here to find the latest brands!

nitro circus slot

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