Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Slot

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild is the name of yet another game in the arsenal of NetEnt. For those of you that have no clue as to what NetEnt is – we’ll tell you that this is, in fact, one of the best companies that specialize in slot game-designing. Chances are that if you play a game made by NetEnt you will have a world of fun. But is this indeed the case with Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild as well? Or is this game simply not worth your time as there are many other better slot games that you can also play? Read the rest of the review in order to find out.

Graphics and game design

The graphics are simply not that impressive. This is not one of the most beautiful games in this sense – NetEnt has made a game that’s not all about graphics. This is not to say though that Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild doesn’t pack a powerful punch in the department of graphics – it’s just to say that the graphics are not state of the art. You will still see pleasant visuals of animals moving around and doing their noises.

The theme of the game is, of course, about the jungle and its many inhabitants. You will see tigers, elephants, butterflies, crocodiles, and snakes, among other things. We think that all of us appreciate the jungles of the world for their exoticness and that we too would love nothing less than to enjoy ourselves in a jungle for a time being. Well, now it’s your chance to do so too with the help of NetEnt’s latest slot game adventure, Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild.

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Features of Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild

This is a game that has many exciting features. For one, there are incredible 243 ways to win in any given spin. The game is 5 reels and 3 rows big. If you can enter the free spins game, then you will get an additional row in the game. This will give you, in total, astounding 1024 ways to win! Since your goal is to make as many wins as possible and to win as much money as possible – then we have to say that your odds are great at it with this game.

This will give you, in total, astounding 1024 ways to win!

Symbols and bonuses

Much like you would expect from other NetEnt games, this game too features bonuses and special features. For one, if you can hit three or more scatter symbols on the reels, then you will get access to the free spins feature. You will get a number of free spins here and as the last paragraph states – you will also get an additional row that you can use to increase your odds of winning from 243 to 1024. If you can access the free spins game by getting more than 3 scatter symbols – then you will get a big coin bonus as well. There are also the lovely little butterflies in the game – a nice little bonus feature. They come in randomly during the game and they expand certain symbols that are part of a winning combination on the reels.

These symbols will take the entire row and they will bring you big winnings. The symbols, much like you would expect from a game about the jungle – are all to the tune of the jungle. You will see tigers, elephants, and snakes, among others.

Classic symbols in a nice jungle mix

You will see the classic slot symbols of the cards – the ace, the queen, the jack, and so on – in a stony form. There is one catch about the free spins option that you can access by hitting multiple scatter symbols on the pay lines. This is the fact that you will be given the option to select from a few of the animals of the game. They all have their own statues in this bonus game and you will need to pick one in order to continue.

Since the symbols all have their own assorted value, it means that you can pick the symbols of the lowest value or the symbol of the highest value – or anything in between. Then you will get the free spins and you will make winning combinations. However, be careful as to what you’ll choose – different symbols that you choose in this game will give you a different number of free spins.

Final word on Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild

We think that this is a game that you would like if you’re a fan of slots. To be fair, it’s not the best that NetEnt has to offer – but neither is it the worst.

There are multiple reasons as to why you would want to try out this game – we suggest that you do so whenever you have the chance.

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