Vikings go to Hell – Slot Review

Yggdrasil is a relatively new name in the field of online gambling. However, the company did indeed manage to make a name for itself. Yggdrasil Gaming is responsible for the creation of some of the most inventive, most fun slot games in existence. That being said, today you will be reading about one of their games. This game is called Vikings go to Hell. You will find some more information about this game below.

Vikings go to Hell – Theme and story

This game opens with one of the most badass introductions in the history of online slots. There’s an image of a demon getting attacked by a few Viking warriors. Every one of them uses their special attacks to deal damage. They slay the demon and the gates of hell open. The Vikings go berserk and start their fight with the devil.

Now, we don’t know about you – but this is a very promising start. If you’re captivated by the stories of the warrior nation of the Vikings, you’ll love this game. The music will give you the feeling like you’re going to war. There are drums and the entire piece is epic.

vikings go to hell slot
There aren’t many over the top visuals in this game. But again – there doesn’t even need to be. We think that the imagery and the music and the atmosphere will captivate you. It really managed to captivate us. It’s a joy to be making money while imagining that you’re a Viking warrior battling your way through hell.

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About the Gameplay

This is a volatile game. This means that you can expect not to win for many spins. But if you do win – you will make a big sum of money. There are five reels and four rows, with 25 pay lines in total. Now, one invention comes in the form of gathering points for rage. If you can get 300 points for one of your characters, you will get Berserk free spins.

You will also be able to wage battle against the demons in this game. Depending on if you win, you will be able to get different prizes. You can get free wilds and rage points that you can use to make money.

On the fifth reel of the game, you can get a treasure chest. In it, you will acquire either a good or an epic tablet. If you get the epic tablet then you will get 600-1200 free coins. You will also get 60 rage points for all the characters and 12-16 free spins. The good tablet will give you somewhat smaller rewards. You’ll get 60 rage points for one character and 7 free spins. You’ll also get 150-300 coins as a reward.

Some final words on this slot game

This casino game is very inventive and fun to play. And this goes especially if you’re a fan of the Norse mythology. You will enjoy watching the Vikings battle their way through hell against hordes of demons. And you will be able to make quite some money, as this is a volatile game.

We hope you will enjoy playing it.

vikings go to hell slot

Nicholas Cross