Guns N´ Roses Slot – Best of the NetEnt Rocks games?

There are all kinds of slot games nowadays. This is even more so the case with online gambling – if you play online then you will learn that there are thousands of different variations of the age-old formula. So, our best recommendation to you would be to experiment and find what you like – no matter who you are, chances are that you will be able to find the game with the perfect theme, best suited for your personal preferences. Today we will share some information with you on the subject of one slot game in particular – the game called Guns N Roses. If you’re a fan or the rock-legends Guns and Roses, chances are that you will love this game. There are several reasons for this – read below if you wish to know more.

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Guns N Roses – Theme and story

The theme of this game is to the tune of the legendary rock band, Guns N Roses. So, it goes without saying that one of the best things about this slot game is the music. Namely, you will be able to hear some of the classics that this rock band has made, including November Rain, Chinese Democracy, and Sweet Child O’ Mine. For the fans among you – you will be delighted that you’re given this opportunity to listen to some of the best songs of our era while you’re playing a really fun slot game. On the other hand, if you’re not really a fan of Guns N Roses, there won’t be a lot of reasons for you to play this game.

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The fact is that as far as slots go – this is a regular old slot that’s no different from most of the other slots – except in the theme of the game. There is a pretty great introduction to the game that features some original footage from Guns N Roses concerts. Every time you make a win you will hear the crowd in the background roar – you will feel like you’re at a Guns N Roses concert. If this is something that you think you would enjoy – then you’re welcome to try this game out.

Gameplay and features

We’ll mention again that as far as slots go. This is a regular slot that you can just pick up and begin to play no matter who you are. All you will need to do is to hit the “spin” button and the game takes care of the rest. You will then be able to relax and enjoy the excitement of the spinning reels, hoping that you will eventually win something. If you don’t wish to risk anything, but you still wish to try this game out. Then you could do so on the “play money” version of the game.

You will be given $5,000 dollars of play money and you can use them to get a feeling of what the game is all about. There are 5 reels and 3 rows in this game. Also, there are 20 fixed pay lines – you won’t be able to bet on more or less than this number. We think that you have more than enough if you wish to enjoy playing slots, with this game. But where Guns N Roses slot truly shines is in the section of the bonuses. Read below to find more information on this subject.

Bonuses in Guns N Roses slot

There are quite a few different kinds of bonuses that you can get if you play the Guns N Roses slot game. We’ll first begin with the wild symbol bonus. The wilds can be used as substitutes for almost any other symbol in the game. The thing about this game is that it also has expanding wild symbols. Meaning they will take entire reels and they will help you make winning combinations in this way.

There’s a bonus symbol that can activate three features – the first is the Encore Free Spins, the second is the Crowd-Pleaser bonus game, and the third is coin win. If you get the Encore Free Spins feature, then you will get 10 free spins. If you hit the second feature, then you will be able to access a bonus game with potentially three levels. You will be able to pick from a variety of symbols and get prizes for your choice. And the coin win speaks for itself.

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There is also a multiplier bonus that stems from 4x to 10x. Always a nice thing if you wish to make some extra money. Then there’s the special wild symbol – the Appetite for Destruction Wild – this symbol takes the form of a cross and it features the skull heads of each of the GNR members. This wild symbol will help you make a lot of money if you can make winning combinations with it.

In conclusion

Guns N Roses is a great slot game that you can enjoy not only if you’re a fan of GNR, but if you’re a casual slot player as well. We hope that you will have fun and make some money!

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