Witchcraft Academy Slot – A Game from NetEnt

Witchcraft Academy is one of the latest games made by NetEnt. NetEnt is one of the biggest companies in online gambling games design. This means that some of the best online gambling games are made by this company. That being said, how does Witchcraft Academy fare? Is it a good game? Does it have all it takes to grab your attention and keep it? Read the review below and you will find more information about this game.

Theme and graphics in Witchcraft Academy

The name of the game should tell you all about the theme. The story goes as follows. There are two main characters: Efora and Earthan. Efora is a witch and Earthan is a wizard. You need to aid them on their path to finding the secrets of the mysterious library. The witch theme is not overly developed though. There aren’t any details to the story. If you love games with less elaborate storylines – then this game should do it.

The music can be off-putting at times. We’re not saying it’s bad per se. It’s just that the loudness continues to escalate ad infinitum. And this can get tiring at times. You may want to consider turning it off if you don’t like it. This choice won’t detract a lot from the gameplay.

video slot netent witchcraft academy efora earthan

There are two main characters: Efora and Earthan. Efora is a witch and Earthan is a wizard.

The background of the game is pretty to look at. You’re in a library and you’re trying to uncover its secrets. The bonus game will take you to the depths of the library. Everything is well drawn and animated. Except… the faces that the two characters make when you make a win. If you make a smaller win, then you’ll see the animated images of Efora and Earthan. If you make a bigger win, then they will smile. Finally, if you make a huge win, they will laugh. However, the characters aren’t drawn so good. They seem a bit artificial in their gestures. NetEnt could have done a better job at this.

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Witchcraft Academy by NetEnt – Gameplay

But you’re here for the gameplay, right? How does Witchcraft Academy fare in this important element? Well, you’ll get to hit the spin button and hope to win. This much is clear by playing practically all the slot games in existence.

There’s a wild symbol that you can use in order to make winning combinations. And there is a bonus symbol as well. If you hit three bonus symbols, then you will play a mini-game. In the mini-game, your objective is to use the powers of Efora and Earthan to get bonuses. You will throw elements at statues and gold chests, breaking them in the process. At the end of each line, there is a prize. Get three prizes (in the form of multipliers and whatnot) and you will also get a number of free spins.

Aside from this, there aren’t many things that you could look out for in terms of uniqueness the game. But it still manages to provide an adequate playing experience that you can enjoy.

In conclusion

Give this game a try. You may end up liking it. This will especially be the case if you’re captivated by the theme of wizards and witches.

We hope you will enjoy it.

witchcraft academy slot

Nicholas Cross