Shogun of Time | A Samurai meets Steam Punk slot from Microgaming

Set for release by Microgaming in February 2019, Shogun of Time is a steam punk themed online slot. With some Japanese influence as well, this slot stands out in the crowd. The game is set in a Tokyo based teleportation station of the future. Its main character is a Samurai warlord, with the cyberpunk girl acting as her alter ego.

Steam punk is more popular in some parts of the world than others

Steam Punk Symbols

The symbols on the reels reflect the steam punk theme. The highest paying symbol is a cyberpunk girl, which is the wild symbol. Other symbols include flowers, masks, Samurai helmets and pieces of armour. The game’s logo is also used as a symbol. Getting five of those on the reels at once awards players 12 times their bet amount.

Bonus Features in Shogun of Time

While there are normally four reels on the screen, a fifth reel comes into play during bonuses. When players get a winning combination of four symbols, the re-spin feature is activated. This adds a fifth reel to the game screen. It is inserted in the middle of the screen with two adjacent reels on each side. Those reels stay locked while the middle reel spins.

microgaming slot shogun of time
Players can get free spins when they get the scatter symbol on the reels. They are then awarded either 8 or 16 spins for free. These free spins also include the fifth reel on the screen. During free spins, the middle reel is locked and the other reels spin.

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Final Thoughts

There are only a few steam punk themed slots to choose from. This is a fairly new theme among casino software providers. The reason for that may be because of its limited appeal. Steam punk is more popular in some parts of the world than others. Even where it is popular, steam punk fans may have no interest in slots. Their level of interest will determine whether this game becomes popular or not.

As far as bonuses, the game is somewhat lacking. With nothing more than free and re-spins, Shogun of Time has less to offer than many Microgaming slots. That may hurt the game in the long run. Most players flock to games that are packed with exciting bonus features.

shogun of time
What this game does have going for it is the addition of the fifth reel. Anything that increases a player’s chances of winning is something they’ll look for in a slot. Locked reels can add anticipation to the game that players often crave.

However, overall, Shogun of Time is lacking in entertainment value. It tries to impress players with its brightly coloured graphics. Yet that doesn’t make up for its less than stellar gameplay. Once a player has gotten free spins and/or re-spins there is nothing else to look forward to. This makes the game one that players aren’t likely to keep coming back to. The only hope for this game is for the steam punk community to embrace it. If they do, it may enjoy future success. If they don’t, it could be a Microgaming dud.

Nicholas Cross