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Online gambling is getting to be an increasingly popular hobby for many people. There are hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world that enjoy themselves some online gambling. But have you ever wondered at the origin of this popularity? Sure, the main reason for it is that online gambling is fun, exciting, and convenient at the same time. But there are also other things that new online casinos do in order to increase their popularity. And one of them is casino affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective things that casinos use to increase the number of their customers. If you want to learn more about it, then you have come to the right place. Below you will find all the information you need on the subject of casino affiliate marketing.

casino affiliates hold an important place in marketing for online casinos

We will start by quickly answering some of the most common questions if you might just be looking for some quick answers:

  • What is a casino affiliate?

    • A third-party that help casinos with marketing by different PR channels, mainly online. Some affiliates work with SEO optimized websites while some work with pop-ups. Their main target is to make players aware of a specific brand and go to its site to sign up for an account.
  • How to become a casino affiliate?

    • The first step to being a casino affiliate is by starting a partnership with them. There are several different programs, the main ones we show below. Most of the different gambling sites have integrated affiliation programs which make it very easy for you to start. Once you have started your first partnership you need to decide how to attract players. By building a third-party website? By twitching and generate viewers that want to play at the same site as you do or something else.
  • How does a casino affiliate program work?

    • Depending on the number of players you send to a casino, they give you a certain percentage deal of the losses of “your” players. The percentage will increase with the number of players you send. This is called a Rev-Share deal. There is also a CPA (cost per acquisition) deal that gives you an exact sum for each player. However, depending on what deal you make with a gambling site, they might work a bit different.

online casino affiliation

Most popular affiliate programs for online casinos

888 affiliates
dunder affiliates
ego affiliates
genesis affiliates
genesys affilaites
gig affiliates
hero affiliates
ivy affiliates
luckyaffs affiliates
onyx affiliates
royal affiliates
split aces affiliates
supr affiliates
tau affiliates

The nature of casino affiliate programs

Many of you undoubtedly want to know what the casino affiliate programs are. Well, they are marketing methods that online casinos use. They enlist the services of other companies that are willing to do marketing for the casinos. And the other companies get rewarded based on the effectiveness of their marketing. It’s as simple as that.

It’s a very effective thing that online casinos use in order to outsource their marketing. In this way, everybody wins. The casinos get more customers that spend money and the affiliate companies get rewarded for their marketing efforts. It really is as simple as that.


How do the affiliates get paid?

Well, the best thing about the casino affiliate programs is that the affiliates get paid by merit. The more people they manage to invite to the casino, the more money they will get. This is performance based payment at its finest. Sure thing, there are different models for making payments that casinos can use in their arrangements with the affiliates. There’s the revenue share payment arrangement that most casinos use. And then there’s the CPA – cost per acquisition arrangement that a smaller number of other casinos use.

So, in essence, the affiliates get paid by commission. The higher the profits the casinos make based on the directed traffic by the affiliates, the bigger the commission. The index that the casinos tend to use in calculating the commissions for the affiliates is the net revenue share. And the net revenue share means that the marketing costs, fraudulent transactions, and some other fees are deducted from the gross revenue.

There are some affiliate programs that use the no negative carryover principle. This means that if the casino has a negative balance then it will get carried over for the next month. And this would continue until the balance is finally settled. So, in a sense, this is not the best arrangement that an online casino can make. It’s much better for casinos to look for affiliate programs that don’t favour the use of this policy.

Then there’s also the issue with the bundling policy. This goes for the affiliate programs that have made arrangements with more than one online casinos. So, all the leads that they generate will dissipate towards all of the casinos under their arrangements. And this is not something that online casinos should look forward to.

Sub-affiliate deals

Some of the affiliates of online casinos use the opportunity and opt for sub-affiliate deals. This is not an often talked about subject in online gambling and casino marketing. What this means is that the affiliates can also utilize the marketing efforts of other sub-affiliates. The leads that these sub-affiliates will generate will serve to increase the profits of the primary affiliates. And these are the so-called sub-affiliate deals. The casinos and their representatives don’t really need to worry about this as long as there are new leads. But this is an excellent way for the casino affiliates to create additional revenues. And this goes in the favour of the sub-affiliates, too. So, in a sense, everyone wins with this arrangement. It’s definitely not something that should be frowned upon by anyone in the online gambling industry.

Examples of successful casino affiliate programs

The first thing to note here is that not all the affiliate programs turn out to be successful investments. So, in this sense, the casinos and their representatives should do their homework first before investing in affiliate marketing. They should measure and analyze the success rate of various different casino affiliate companies that operate on the internet. Based on this, they should select only the most successful companies. It’s in their best interest as these companies can generate the biggest number of leads. Consequently – they can dramatically increase the profits of the casinos they work for.

Now, you will find here some casino affiliate programs that are shown to be very successful and highly profitable. Solid examples of this would be Fruity Affiliates by Egass, Lapalingo Affiliates by NetRefer, Viks Affiliates by NetRefer, BitStarz Casino Affiliates by SoftSwiss, and many others. An important factor to look out for is the percentage of revenue share that the programs demand. Typically, you can find that these percentages range from 20% all the way to 50%. But you can even find revenue share percentages that drop as low as 10%. In all cases, you should remember that the simplest law of economy holds true even here – you will get what you pay for. The more you pay, the higher the chances that you will get bigger profits. And vice-versa. There are cases when the opposite holds true – but these are too few and far in-between to even consider.

Affiliate conferences

During the whole year, there are a lot of nice conferences lining up all over the world. Whether you are an affiliate, working with casinos or just an interested player – this is something for you! To make it a bit easier to choose which ones you should visit, we will give you a couple of our favourites. Since mostly focus on online casinos, and not lotteries, sports books etcetera, this is the conferences we will give recommendations about. This is also the ones we know most about, so it makes sense, right?

Mare Balticum Gaming Summit

One fun event in May is the Mare Balticum Gaming Summit. This is the perfect spot for people in the Baltic Sea casino area. Even Scandinavians have a lot to learn, going to this event. You will be able to listen to some important people within the gaming industry and their thoughts about the market today and in the future. Make sure to get your tickets, before they are sold out.


Want to get a good reason visiting China? Well, in mid-May you get the perfect one! Go to the International Gaming Summit in Macau. This is one of the biggest events throughout the year, in one of the largest casino-cities in the world. A perfect place if you are looking to find some new online casinos that are about to launch. What more can we say? Well, it is held at the Four Seasons Hotel, and most of the gaming providers and operators are there.

The perfect place to network with a lot of people within the industry – this is probably it!

Finish it off in Miami!

Well, so we have been to Europe and Asia already. Why not go to America? Perfect that Miami has its GiGse affiliate conference. US online gambling is getting bigger and bigger. More states are opening up with licenses and there will for sure be a lot of things happening for the next couple of years. So, this might be the most interesting summit to visit this year. Many interesting speakers from the legal side and much more.

In conclusion

And that’s all there is to the casino affiliate programs. By now you should know what the casino affiliate programs are and what their merits are. Truth be told, the casino affiliate programs aren’t the holy grail of online casino marketing. There are many other equally and even more so effective marketing methods that casinos can and do use.

But there’s no argument that the casino affiliates hold an important place in marketing for online casinos. In this sense, it’s very important to learn what they are all about and how to use them properly.

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