Temple of Nudges Slot – A NetEnt Mystery Slot

The game developer NetEnt is on the roll. And, in fact, it has been on a roll ever since it has made the first online slot game. NetEnt continues to create quality titles to this very day. One of their newest games goes by the name Temple of Nudges. Does this game manage to live up to the brand of NetEnt? Read our article in order to find out.

The theme and basics of Temple of Nudges by NetEnt

It can be a fun slot game – but it’s no way near some of NetEnt’s finest. Right off the bat, you will be treated to anything and everything that this game has to offer. You will see some nicely drawn reels that will evoke a feeling of mystery. The game is set, after all, in a temple. There are atmospheric sound effects – like you’re in a jungle. The birds are chirping in the background and you can hear water flowing. The reels spin and various symbols take the place of the various other symbols. If you win a prize – there are additional sound effects. And that’s it.
temple of nudges slot

There are a few bonuses – but they offer no variation to the theme. In this sense, the game is rather bland. Aside from the original theme, there’s nothing additional to look forward to. And the theme itself is not that original. We think that the “mysterious temple” theme has been forced to death in modern slot games. So, suffice it to say that Temple of Nudges by NetEnt is not the most inventive of slot games.

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The features and bonuses at this casino slot

The main setup of this game is that it offers 243 ways to win on 5 different reels. In this sense, it’s a bit more modern slot. Other than that, there are 2 main bonuses to look forward to. The first bonus is called (drum roll) the nudge bonus. It gets activated every time you make a winning combination on the reels. What will happen is that the reels will all move one space downwards. The bottom reel symbols will fall out of the screen and the top reel symbols will be replaced by new ones. In this sense, you can string multiple wins to one another.
temple of nudges netent review

There is another bonus that’s very much similar to the first one. It’s a respin bonus. Every time you make a win, you will have a certain chance to activate this bonus, too. And then the entire reels will spin and new symbols will take the place of old ones. If you win – you will get the aforementioned nudge bonus and you can win again. If you’re lucky, you can get some big wins. But don’t get your hopes on it. This is a game that has low-to-medium levels of volatility. So chances are that you won’t get rich by playing it. But then again – chances are that you won’t get poor by playing it, either.

Temple of Nudges Slot in conclusion

That’s pretty much it when it comes to Temple of Nudges – one of the newest NetEnt games. It’s nothing special – but you can still have some fun playing it. We hope that you will do so. Play safe!

Nicholas Cross