Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild – A Barcrest slot game review

The story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a well-known tale. Many people know it by heart. It’s about the line that splits good from evil in the human heart. To that end, you may be surprised that there’s even a slot game to this theme. And the slot game we have in mind is called Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild.

It’s made by gaming studio Barcrest. Barcrest has made some pretty fine games. This is one of them. Be sure to read our review of Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild below.

Fans of the story of old will love this game

Going wild with Dr. Jekyll

If you enjoy horror stories and themes, then you will like this game. The game follows closely the horror theme. The theme is set in the dark night in an old city. Every time you spin the reels, you will hear some music. And the music is overbearingly dramatic. But this is only a good thing – especially if you enjoy these sorts of things. And the symbols are all expertly designed. You will see Dr. Jekyll and his evil alter ego, Mr. Hyde. You will also see various containers of chemicals and other symbols of the tale.

We’re pretty satisfied with what the game has to offer in terms of its theme. Fans of the story of old will love this game. But even if you haven’t heard the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story, we think you will still like it.

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Playing the game

And of course, it’s also important to know what the game has to offer in terms of gameplay. There are some nice, exciting features here. You can definitely look forward to them. You can get free spins, first. If you get a certain number of special symbols, then you will get a certain number of free spins. The more money you invest, the bigger the chances of you winning. You can make the RTP rate rise all the way up to 98.20%. And there are big bet combinations that you can go for. They can bring you a lot of money or some free spins.

But they can also lose you some money if you aren’t careful. Also, during the free spins, you can get the Mr. Hyde free spins special feature. It will go ad infinitum unless the hourglass symbol falls on the fifth reel.

In conclusion

dr. jekyll goes wild slot

So, Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild by Barcrest definitely gets our nod. We believe that you will definitely enjoy playing this game yourself.

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Nicholas Cross