Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruits Slot | NetEnt is showing off!

NetEnt took the old classic fruit slots and made them modern. They did this by releasing Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruits in January 2019. By using features common to NetEnt, they are adding to their legacy.

NetEnt took its signature features and added them to a classic game

Classic Fruit Themed Symbols

Like any fruit machine, Strolling Staxx uses symbols including cherries, lemons and watermelons. Other fruits used on the reels are strawberries and plums. The difference between classic symbols and these are in the details. Today’s symbols are brightly coloured and full of expression. The wild symbol in the game is a golden “W.” During bonuses, wilds may replicate themselves. The background graphics include trees with cubed leaves, similar to the shape of the fruits.

There are plenty of slots on this theme, many represented on these new casinos. But, when Net Entertainment wants to do something extra, they usually succeed. As, we believe, they have done with this one.

strolling staxx netent slot casino

NetEnt Typical Bonus Features

Spinning the reels is always a treat in Strolling Staxx. On the heels of any spin, a second chance spin may occur. In the absence of a winning combination players may see a sign. The sign will either say “Extra Chance,” or “Second Chance.” When this sign appears the reels get an extra symbol. This can lead to locked wilds that bring winnings.

Every time the reels are spun the sign spins. If the symbol on the sign matches one on the reels it becomes a colossal symbol. Then players get free re-spins. Players can also use the Bonus Bet option. This increases the value of a bet by 50%. An extra 5 cents per bet must be paid in order to use this feature.

Final Thoughts of Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruits

There are numerous fruit themed slot machines. NetEnt took its signature features and added them to a classic game. This means that it has something to offer players of all ages. For older players it brings a nostalgic feel to a modern industry.

To younger players, it offers up the excitement of re-spins and colossal wilds.

strolling staxx cubic fruits slot

The spectacular graphics and symbols make this game stand out from others. They give it the visual enhancements players are looking for. In today’s world players want to cram as much fun into their day as possible. Strolling Staxx makes this easy, as it can be played on mobile devices.

In this sense, it is designed with younger players in mind. However, for older and new players, the game is equal parts easy and fun. Those new to online slot machines will find this one uncomplicated. It seems to be the perfect way to gradually introduce new players to what online slots offer.

Though NetEnt often uses modern themes, they transformed a classic theme beautifully. The company has a talent for taking classics and making them feel new. There are players who appreciate this talent.

Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruits is an online slot most players can afford to bet on. The stakes aren’t huge but the top payout goes as high as 500x the bet placed. As NetEnt continues to release games in the coming years, they may further expand on the fruit themed games. These games will always interest players with their simple rules and exciting bonus features.

Nicholas Cross