Giovannis Gems – Video Slot by Betsoft

Betsoft Gaming is one of the leading names in the field of online gambling game design. Other titles from them include The Slotfather II and The Angler. If you check out the library of games that they have made in their career, then you will find some of the very best games in the entire field of online gambling. Today we will review one game made by this company – the game called Giovanni’s Gems. Is this game fun? Is it worthy of Betsoft’s name? Does it have any special features? Read below in order to find out.

The mechanics of the game

This game features the always exciting cluster wins feature. This is one of my personal favourite features in gambling games because it gives you the opportunity to make multiple wins with a single spin. Right after you get a win, the winning symbols “explode” and new casino symbols take their place – which in their turn can make additional winning combinations and again explode and so on. At any given point though you may feel like you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of symbols that are on the screen.
giovanni slot betsoft
In total, there are 49 symbols on the screen at any given moment and this may make it somewhat difficult to catch up with the game. But this shouldn’t be all that difficult because with time you will be able to take note of the patterns of the winning combinations and you will be able to notice them as they fall almost instantly.

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Who is Giovanni?

To be fair though, Giovanni is a…  well, it’s a slightly weird name to give to a person that explores mines. We can only speculate as to why the game-developers at Betsoft have named the character so. However, the story is very simple, as far as slot game stories go. You follow the adventures of said Giovanni as he delves deeper into the mines in order to find treasures. Again – this is not the most elaborate of stories, as there are slot games that feature more complicated and intriguing plots than this. But some of you will find the simplicity of the “story” rather cute. After all, not everyone is willing to watch movies and read about the plot while they play slots.

Graphics and music

We quite like the graphics of this game. On any given screen you will be able to see our hero Giovanni with an eerie glow in his eyes, staring at the combinations of symbols on the screen. The way Giovanni’s eyes are wide open and the way he doesn’t blink at all, as well as the unwavering smile on his face,  may be off-putting to some of you. He may give you the impression of a meth addict at some moment. But he has a cartoonish face that you may find endearing. He’s holding a torch and he’s dressed in a cape.

That being said, the background of the screen is (shockingly) a mine. The symbols are all beautifully designed. You’ll see diamonds, coal, bags with treasure, pickaxes, and various other symbols that will shine and explode if you can make winning combinations. We love the graphics and the animation in this game.

To be fair, we have mentioned the fact that there is no elaborate story in this game. And, to this end, there are no videos that you will be able to watch. This makes the game a lot simpler than some of the other games in the field of online slots – games that feature high-level videos.

The music

The music itself is nothing special. It’s only set in place so as to have an atmospheric value. Weirdly enough, I can’t shake the impression that we’re not working in a mine hoping to find treasure, but we’re somewhere in the forests and we’re playing with animals – the music makes me feel that way. But that’s just me.

There is an annoying, screeching noise every time you spin the reels. I don’t know what the game-creators where thinking when they have set this sound up, but I don’t like it. I guess the idea is to give us the impression of real mine-work – an unpleasant, hard process. But this is not what a game should do. If I wanted to experience an unpleasant, hard process, then I would have gone to a real mine myself.

Symbols and combinations

As far as combinations go, this game differs from many of the other slot games in the sense that it doesn’t feature pay lines. The way to win is to connect symbols of the same kind to one another on the screen. If you can do this, then the symbols will explode and new symbols will take their place – this is the cluster wins feature.

And we have already mentioned the shape of the winning symbols in one of the previous paragraphs – there’s the pickaxe, the diamond, the bag with treasure. Also, you will be able to see the symbol of Giovanni’s head. If you can get a number of these Giovanni’s head symbols, then you will get a number of free spins. Of course, the more of these symbols you get on one spin, the bigger the number of free spins that you will get as a reward.

Long story short, the key feature here that separates Giovanni’s Gems from most of the other slot games is the cluster wins. And we would go so far as to say that this is the most exciting aspect of the game – the rest is something that we have already seen in most of the other slot games.

Giovanni’s Gems Slot – In conclusion

As far as slot games go, Giovanni’s Gems is not a bad one. In fact, we believe that you could have a lot of fun while playing this game. But is it a truly great slot game? We can’t really say that it is, it lacks the special features and graphics and music that these games boast. However, it’s still a popular game that many people play. Give it a chance. You might end up liking it. If you want to explore some casinos with slots from Betsoft, check our start page where we have our favourites listed.
giovannis gems slot review

Nicholas Cross