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Red Rake gaming is a relatively new company in the field of iGaming. But quickly after its inception – it has managed to make a mark. It has created many of the most popular and fun games that you can find in new online casinos in the UK. To that end, you can find the review of Magic Wilds in this article. You will get to read about the game’s theme and gameplay. If you’re interested, then you’re welcome to read the rest of this article.

the Astral Projection feature

The theme of Magic Wilds

This game has a rather unoriginal name in the form of “Magic Wilds”. It may give the impression that the game is only about the wild symbols. But it is decidedly not only about the wild symbols. The fact is that there are a lot of other fun elements that you can look forward to.

Suffice it to say that the game’s theme is about magic. There is a magician with some special powers that you can use when playing. And the symbols consist of weird talismans and figurines and magical books and pentagrams. If you’re into magic, then you will like Magic Wilds and you will enjoy its theme.

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Gameplay of Magic Wilds

The fact that the theme is about magic means that you can look forward to some nice surprises. The core of the game is pretty simple if you ask us about it. You just need to log into a casino account and find this game – and deposit some money. Then you will be able to begin playing it. You will need to select the size of your bet and then you’re good to go. Start spinning the reels and hope for the best.

There are some special features, too. First of all, there is the Magician symbol that can take the entire reel. If he takes only a part of the reel – the part that’s taken will take the form of wilds. If the entire magician takes the entire reel, then the special feature comes into play. And this feature is the Astral Projection feature. The magician will replicate his entire form on one or more additional reels. And all of the reels that he takes will turn into wilds. This will potentially bring you a lot of money.

In conclusion

So, Magic Wilds definitely has some interesting features to look forward to. We hope you will like it. There is always a lot of new and interesting slot reviews at this page. If you like this one from Red Rake Gaming, you can easily choose only slots made by them.

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