Dragon Kings Slot – Check out this great game from Betsoft

The game studio Betsoft is a big name in the field of internet gambling. This company is directly responsible for the creation of some of the best games. Some of them are Golden Owl of Athena and Slotfather II that we have reviewed in the past. And its specialty is the slots. Dragon Kings’ slots feature great graphics, music, and gameplay. Today you will learn some more about one of their games. This game goes by the name of Dragon Kings. You’ll learn about the exciting features of this game and about the graphics and music. So, let’s get to it.

Theme, graphics, and music

Betsoft never fails to deliver when it comes to the aesthetics of their games. And Dragon Kings is no exception to this rule. The main theme of this game is ancient China’s mythology. Specifically, there are dragons. And we believe that almost everyone is fascinated by dragons. The drawings are spectacular. The dragons look the part. They all have menacing looks and they are drawn with great skill and attention to detail. You’ll learn more about how you can use these dragons in the game in a later section.
dragon kings betsoft slot review

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The music – simple but to the point

The music is simple but to the point. We really like the fact that it changes at different times. If you don’t spin the reels, then the music is a bit quieter. It gives the impression of preparing for a battle. However, once you do make a spin, the music gets louder and to the point. It feels like you’re entering battle. And there is another different music if you get free spins. In this sense, we really enjoyed playing the game and feeling like ancient Chinese warriors on a holy mission.

Color theme

The predominant color within the game is red. This is much how we would imagine China’s native preferred color to be. There are some waves crashing into rocks in the background and a tall rock with a Chinese Pagoda on top. Overall, it succeeds in giving the impression of ancient mythological China’s atmosphere.

However, there are no exquisite visuals in terms of videos that you can see. Many of the top-tier studios started implementing these state-of-the-art production values. However, you won’t be able to find them in Dragon Kings. In this sense, this game takes the approach of simplicity.

Gameplay and symbols

As far as the gameplay goes – it’s pretty much like every other slot. You just need to select your bet and hit the spin button. The game does the rest and it tells you if you have won something. But there are some exciting features in this game.

The first thing that is worthy of mention are the dragons. There are 4 dragons – the azure dragon, the red dragon, the black dragon and the white dragon. All of them have different rewards attached to them. If you get an azure dragon, then you get one re-spin – and the remaining dragons are kept in place. If you get a black dragon, then all the winning combinations with this dragon get a 3X multiplier. The white dragon creates another white dragon to the right or left. And the red dragon gives you a random cash reward that can go as high as 400x of your original bet.

Dragon King symbol

But there is another dragon that we didn’t mention initially. This is the Dragon King, the namesake of the game. It always falls on the third reel and it’s a wild symbol that takes the entire third reel. Moreover, all the wins that you will make when this symbol is in place are multiplied by 2.

If you get three or more dragon pearls, then you can get free spins. And if you get a few dragon pearls with the magical dragon pearl symbol – then the number of free spins will be doubled. If you make various symbol combinations with the dragons then you can get a jackpot. There are 4 different jackpots – bronze jackpot, silver jackpot, gold jackpot, and diamond jackpot. All of them offer different prizes – the most lucrative being the diamond jackpot.

Getting free spins

In the best of cases, you will be able to get 30 free spins. You can do this by going for the dragon pearl symbols. If you get three or more of them on the reels – then the free spins feature is triggered. And if you get three dragon pearl symbols – you get 6 free spins. What is more, if you get four – then you get 10 free spins. Finally, if you hit five, you get 15 free spins. But there is a wild card here. There is one special field at the side of the fifth reels. There is only one symbol here – this is the magical dragon pearl that we have mentioned above.

With this symbol, you will double up on your free spins. So, if you have 6 free spins, you will get 12 with this symbol. If you have 15, then you will get 30. However, this symbol doesn’t come around always. You will still need to be lucky in order to get it. Moreover, this symbol can be used for making the jackpot wins in conjunction with the dragon symbols. If you like free spins in general, check out our page dedicated to casinos with free spins.

In conclusion – Dragon Kings slot

Dragon Kings is a very fun game. It’s made by one of the leading names in the field of iGaming – Betsoft. This is pretty much a guarantee of quality when it comes to iGaming software. And Dragon Kings definitely doesn’t fail to deliver. If you are fascinated by the theme of dragons ancient China, then you will love this game. The graphics are beautifully drawn and the dragons will definitely grab your attention – especially the great King Dragon. And there are some nice features that you can look forward to.
dragon kings slot
The free spins and jackpots spring to mind immediately. Overall, this is a very fun game – you will come to enjoy the music as well. The lack of state-of-the-art videos may be a nuisance to some of you. But there are many people that don’t really care about any videos. They just want to play fun gambling games. In this sense, Dragon Kings delivers.

Nicholas Cross