Battle Royal – A review of Play ‘N Go’s new slot game

If you’ve played your slots, then you know the best companies in the field. These are the game developers that consistently put out new, high-quality slots. One of these companies goes by the name of Play ‘N Go. Its games really are that simple – you just play them and go. This company is responsible for the creation of many different quality titles. And one of their newest offerings goes by the name of Battle Royal. This is a unique slot that you can read about in our article below.

where things get creepy – you will be able to behead them at some point

King Henry and his wives

The theme of Battle Royal is very interesting – albeit slightly creepy. You help King Henry in his mission to get rich. You will get to use the symbols in the form of his wives to do this. And – where things get creepy – you will be able to behead them at some point. This is what happened in real history. But still, we feel that Play N Go are walking the tight rope with this theme. After all, beheading women and getting prizes for it is not something you would expect from a slot. But some of you will definitely love the unique presentation of this game. We sure did.

The scene is set at the background of King Henry’s castle. The music is to the tune of medieval England. If you’re fascinated by this theme, then you will like the game. Also, there are some very cute animations of King Henry as he loots chests and evades his dead wives’ ghosts. Yeah, you’ve read that right.

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Making King Henry rich

Now, there are definitely some interesting features in this game. For one, you will get to access the features by getting the scatters. If a scatter symbol falls on the first and last reel – you will get to choose one of them. You will either get the long live the King feature or you will get free spins. The long live the king feature will have you selecting chests and escaping your dead wives. The free spins feature lasts until there are no more wives to behead. If you behead a wife – then it turns into a sticky wild symbol for the rest of the round.

We already said that this game is not for everyone. And the rest of the game is pretty much simple. You will need to place bets and risk losing some money in order to win some. It’s as simple as that.

Battle Royal by Play N Go – In conclusion

So, Battle Royal is a very unique game. Not everyone will like it – some may even be disgusted by its theme. But we feel that if you take things as innocent fun – you will have a fantastic experience with Battle Royal.

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