Agent Jane Blonde Slot – A great revisit from Microgaming

The casino game developer Microgaming has decided it’s time for a change. In order to keep up with the industry, they have made deals with some of the finest developers. And one of these deals is the deal made with Stormcraft studio. And this relationship is shown to work judging from the quality of the products. So, Agent Jane Blonde Returns is the newest product that wears the Microgaming brand. Is this a good game?

The theme of Agent Jane Blonde slot

The original game was a shameless rip-off of the James Bond franchise. We suspect that Microgaming didn’t really have enough funds to purchase the rights for James Bond. So, they ended up creating Agent Jane Blonde. And the second game in the series follows this theme.

But while the original game looks outright terrible by today’s online slot standards – Agent Jane Blonde returns is entirely another story. The production values have been ramped to the extreme. The music is outstanding – one of the best we have heard in a slot game. You will really feel like an agent of the FBI.

agent jane blonde slot
Agent Jane Blonde is… well, alluring, for lack of a better term. The sexuality of the character has been slightly toned down when compared to the original. But the voice and accent are very sexy. The animations are very smooth and beautiful to look at. Stormcraft has really outdone itself with the production values of this game. The symbols are all outstanding in terms of the visuals. You will get to see the main character in her many guises as she goes through her work of being an FBI agent.

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The gameplay and mechanics of this Microgaming slot game

As far as the actual gameplay itself – it’s a simple slot game. There are 15 pay lines this time around. In the original game – if you remember – there were only 9. There are 5 reels in total. And if you make a winning combination on the pay lines – you will be rewarded with some money. It’s really as simple as that. Of course, you have to factor in the bonuses in the game, though. The main bonus of the game is the free spins. If you hit the three scatter symbols, then you will activate the free spins.

And these are no regular free spins, mind you. There are some special features at play here that will all but guarantee that you will win some money. First of all, there are win multipliers. Also, there are wilds and there’s the respin feature.

agent jane blonde slot review
After a random spin, you will be able to trigger a respin and increase your winnings in this way. So, you can see that Agent Jane Blonde is a game full of exciting features that can win you money.

“Compared to the first Agent Jane Blonde game – Agent Jane Blonde Returns is a classic.”

Agent Jane Blonde Video Slot – In conclusion

Compared to the first game in this story – Agent Jane Blonde Returns is a classic. It’s improved in many different ways, including the soundtrack, visuals, and gameplay. We definitely suggest that you try this game out – even if you didn’t really like the original.

Nicholas Cross