Copy Cats – a fun and cute slot game made by NetEnt

You may have heard of NetEnt as being the company that has made games like Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest. Well, there are many other games that this company has made. And the thing to note here is that all of these games ooze a special level of charm. They are also very fun to play. But not all of their games are fantastic, though.

The fact is that they have made many games and it’s next to impossible for all of them to be outstanding. Either way, today you will get to read about Copy Cats. Is it a good slot? Is it a bad slot? Read more about to learn.

There is a wild symbol – the special, golden cat

Joining the cats in the ‘hood

The setting of the game is in the suburbs. We imagine that the cats that are the main characters are a bunch of stray cats. They could be homey cats, too. You can imagine whatever you want the case to be. There are three “regular” cats and one “special” cat in the game.

The three regular cats are simply adorable. If you’re a fan of cats, then you will definitely love this game. There’s a red cat, a pink cat, and a blue cat. The pink cat is the cute cuddly cat. The blue cat looks mischievous and bratty – but still cute. And finally, the red cat looks like a seducer on the level of Antonio Banderas. We really can’t think of what made NetEnt to design a cat like this. But still, they get our applause for the idea – it’s a pretty funny looking cat.

And the symbols are fish bones, milk bottles, and cat paws. Everything in this game is about cats. There is smooth jazz music in the background that really sets the scene. We like it.

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Playing with the copy cats

But what’s the gameplay about? Well, it’s a simple game. It has one main special and unique feature. And the feature is contained within the name of the game. The cat symbols can get copied over the reels. If you get the first reel covered with three of the same cat symbols – all of the other cats on the reels will turn into that cat. There is a wild symbol – the special, golden cat.

And there are scatter symbols that can bring you free spins if you’re lucky enough. And that’s all there is about the gameplay.

In conclusion

Copy Cats is a very fun game with an interesting unique feature. It also oozes charm in everything about it. We know that you will enjoy playing it. As always, NetEnt is really good at what they are doing and we can’t say that they let us down this time either.

Even though it is not the most advanced game they have ever made, it sure is entertaining!

copy cats slot

Nicholas Cross