Sicilian Sun – A fun slot game made by developer Edict

Here’s a beautiful game made by game developer Edict. Fans of the sun and of beaches and summer will love this game. Right at the beginning, you will be greeted by a beautiful girl standing next to the reels. Now, the problem we have with this game is that it doesn’t look too Sicilian. Sure, the beaches and the sun are there. But the game does look a lot more African than Sicilian.

We have no idea why the developers at Edict have decided to go for this name. Perhaps they thought the word “African” doesn’t sell all that well. So, they have decided to opt for “Sicilian” instead. Who knows?

The Sicilian sun does not mess around

Gameplay of the Sicilian Sun slot

Regardless, the point was that there are a lot of African-looking symbols. There are totems and drums. There are also horses. The girl that we have mentioned looks nothing like an Italian girl. But she still spices up the atmosphere.

Overall, the game features an outstanding design. We really felt good while playing it – like we were on a beautiful beach. And the music and sound effects are also good and they add to the overall atmosphere.

Playing on the beach

The main thing that this game offers – and its most important feature – are the colossal wilds. The Sicilian sun does not mess around. This is a big symbol that can take multiple spots on the reels. Since it’s a wild symbol – it means you can combine it with other symbols to win. And you can make potentially big winning combinations.

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There are 20 pay lines and the reels are 5×3. The RTP rate of the game is set at 96.12%. It’s pretty solid for a slot game. But still, there are many other slots that feature bigger RTP rates than that. If winning money is your single most important goal – you may want to look elsewhere.

Now, another unique thing about this slot is the way in which you can make winning combinations. You will need to connect three identical symbols with one another in order to make a win. But the good part is that these symbols can be anywhere on the reels. They don’t need to start from the leftmost reel. If you can connect three symbols of the same kind, then you will win money. By combining this feature with the Colossal Wilds, you can make big wins indeed.

In conclusion

Sicilian Sun is a gorgeous game, albeit a bit poor on the feature side. Regardless, you can still have some fun and make some money on the side with it. We hope you will enjoy it.

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