Jumanji Slot by NetEnt – Welcome to the Jungle!

Chances are that by now you have heard about the latest Hollywood blockbuster of a movie, Jumanji. This is a movie about some people that are magically pulled into the world of a game they play for fun. It’s a very popular movie and it’s based on another version of the same idea – the original was created in 1995. Well, one of the best known online slot designing companies, NetEnt, has now created the slot game Jumanji. This is a game that’s based on the move and if you play it you will be able to see all of your favorite characters from the movie in it. Since the game is designed by NetEnt, it means that you can expect it to be of very high quality. But what other can you expect of the game itself?


Features of the Jumanji Slot game

For those of you that are not informed – the pay lines give you ways in which you can make winning combinations. Now, there are strengths and benefits to the pay lines – the lower the number of pay lines you bet on, the lower the odds of you winning something. But you will also pay less as a bet. Conversely, the more pay lines you bet on, the bigger the odds of you winning something – but you will have to pay more for bets.

So, the pay lines on Jumanji are just about enough in giving you an optimal gaming experience. The return to player rate is somewhere around 96%, which is pretty high considering the 95% slot game standard. So, you will definitely want to try your chances on this game as you will have great chances to win big, indeed. Of course, there is the classic feature of autoplay that you can use if you don’t wish to get bothered with playing the game at all.

All you need to do is to check the autoplay button and then the game will continue to spin the reels on its own as long as you have money to bet. The game can also be played on a mobile device which means that you can take it with you no matter where you go. This makes things a lot more practical and it enables you to play the game anywhere you want to.

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Graphics and music

You wouldn’t expect anything but a masterpiece when you hear that a particular game was created by company NetEnt. This company is well-known for the outstanding visual and musical experiences that it lavishes on the players that play their games. This means that you will most likely enjoy both the graphics and the sounds and music at the Jumanji slot game made by NetEnt.

As you would expect, both elements are designed in accordance to the movie “Jumanji” so if you loved the art direction of the movie, then you will also definitely like the graphics and music in Jumanji. However, these categories are not something that we could easily explain to you with words alone – we recommend you to go and check the game out for yourself if you’re interested in knowing more about what the graphics and music are like. If you wish to get a sneak-peak of the powerhouse that the graphics department of NetEnt is, when it comes to this game, then all you need to do is to check the sneak preview of the game, featured on YouTube.

Bonuses and symbols

The symbols are all in the style of the movie. If you have watched the movie – and, chances are, since you’re reading this review, that you have – then you will immediately be able to recognize some of your favourite characters from the movie into the game. Of course, they feature a very nice design, courtesy of NetEnt’s specialists in the drawing. You may think by now that the game is only a bland copy of the movie – but this is not the case.
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The game manages to breathe a new spirit into the story of the movie itself, so even if you didn’t like the movie, you may end up liking the Jumanji Game. There are also some nice bonuses that you can get, besides hitting the wild symbol. If you can hit three scatter symbols on the pay reel, then you will be rewarded with a bonus game where you can win a lot of money for free.

Final Notes

We think that Jumanji is yet another great game designed by NetEnt and that it helps them retain the reputation of the greatest online slot game developer in the world. This game gets our stamp of approval – be sure to try it out when you will have enough time to do so.
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Nicholas Cross