Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slot – A sequel game from Betsoft

The overwhelming popularity of social media/mobile game Candy Crush Saga resulted in the February 2018 release of the original Sugar Pop online slot machine game by Betsoft. It went on to become so popular that is spawned a sequel; Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped. With a history of releasing sequels to extremely popular games, Betsoft has done it again, much to the delight of players everywhere. Please continue reading’s slot review!

A Sugar Rush For The Eyes

Sugar Pop 2 is one of the most visually appealing games on the Internet today. It takes the bright colours and oversized icons seen in Candy Crush and brings them to life in a whole new way. Set against a bright blue sky backdrop the reels are clear, making the sky appear even more vibrant. Players will notice that to the right of the reels is a clear tube attacked to a hose which gradually becomes filled with yellow liquid when certain winning combinations of symbols are achieved on the reels. This becomes important later in the game.

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An Out-Of-The Box Slot

While most slot machine games feature one-dimensional play, Sugar Pop 2 takes it a step beyond that by including multiple levels of gameplay. Much the way Candy Crush players’ progress through the game’s levels, Sugar Pop players can also. Combined with the fact that there are no visible reels and candy is just dropped from the sky with every spin, this game stands out from many others found in today’s hottest online casinos.

A Win For Players With A Sweet Tooth

One of the reasons Sugar Pop 2 likely has become such a successful game is that winning combinations are easily achieved. As long as consecutive pieces of candy match each other, winnings are coming a player’s way. The game also features cascading reels, which allow for new symbols to take the place of any symbols used in creating a winning combination. As a result, players can win more than once on each movement of the reels.
sugar pop 2 slot betsoft
Gaining free spins is also much easier in this game than in many other online slots. The right number of red candy symbols emblazoned with the letters FS will trigger this feature. Players may win as few as five free spins or as many as 27+. Aside from these great features, players can look out for the large arrow. This purple symbol signifies the filling of the clear tube, which when filled to the top allows players to progress from one level of the game to the next.

The perks of Sugar Pop 2 don’t stop there, as candy clusters can form on the reels, greatly benefitting players. When at least five of the same symbol appears on the reels in a clump after a single spin, a candy bomb is created. Upon completion of all winning combinations for that spin, the bomb is released, leading to even more winnings for players.

Sugar Pop 2 is a sweet treat for anyone who loves eating candy.

Nicholas Cross