Fire & Steel Slot – Medieval knights theme by Betsoft!

There has been a rise of interest in the medieval knights theme recently. Chances are that you have heard about the immensely popular HBO series Game of Thrones. Perhaps you have even seen it yourself? And this trend is followed also in the field of online gambling. One of the best games that you can try out with the abovementioned theme is Fire & Steel. Below you will be able to read more information about what makes this game tick. What kinds of symbols does it feature, are there any bonuses, and so on.

The theme of Fire & Steel

As we have mentioned in the previous paragraph, the theme of the game is set to a medieval time of knights and maidens and swords and shields. And the name of the game illustrates just this. We must say that the employees at Betsoft have really outdone themselves this time when you consider how good the game is in transporting us to another time. We really had the feeling like we were about to battle monsters with our swords and shields while we played it. Of course – it’s just a game, it’s not even possible to get too carried away with it. But the theme of the game is nicely put in place and you really forget about time as you play it.

And the music plays a big part in this. The score is phenomenal. While we played the game, images of knights and valor sprang right in our minds because of how good the music is. For a slot game, it manages to do the job properly. The animations of the games are designed neatly, though they are not up to par with some of the other, leading slot games in the field. The symbols are all nicely designed and flashy. At all times, you will be able to see the Swordsman and the Shieldmaiden at the sides of the reels.

betsoft fire & steel
And you will be able to enjoy the graphics for what they are. However, if you’re not playing slot games for their graphics and theme, then we think that you will enjoy Fire & Steel. More on this below.

The employees at Betsoft have really outdone themselves this time

Fire & Steel by Betsoft: Gameplay

What you need to realize if you’re playing slot games and you wish to play something a bit more unique – is the fact that all of the slot games are pretty much the same with one another. This means that you will find the same core system in any given slot game. You place your bet on the pay lines. You then hit the spin button, the symbols on the reels spin, and you end up with a combination that may or may not be a winning one. And such is the case with Fire & Steel as well.

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Wild symbols in Fire & Steel

However, this game manages to feature some exciting unique features as well. The first exciting feature is in the nature of the wild symbols. Namely, there are two main characters in this game – the Swordsman and the Shieldmaiden, as we have mentioned in one of the previous paragraphs.

What the unique wild symbol feature means is that every time you get a symbol of the Swordsman on the reels – he will scream and shoot a laser beam vertically upwards or downwards from where he’s standing on the reels. And all of the reels that will be caught by the laser beam will turn into a wild symbol as well. Which will give you ample opportunities to make big money.

The same thing goes for the symbol of the other character of the game – the Shieldmaiden. If you find her somewhere on the reels, then she too will scream and shoot a laser beam – but this time not vertically, but horizontally in one direction from where she’s standing. Again, all of the symbols that are caught by the laser turn into wilds.

Bonus Game & Free Spins

And the beauty of it all comes when the rays that these two symbols shoot will intersect with one-another somewhere on the pay lines. If this happens, then you get access to a bonus game. You’ll get ten free spins and the symbol at which two wilds intersect turns into a sticky wild that will continue to stand for the duration of the free spins. But that’s not all – it may also happen that another two different wild symbols shoot laser beams that intersect at some point. Then you get another 10 free spins and the point where the lasers meet will also turn into a sticky wild that will last for the duration of the free spins.

Fire & Steel definitely packs a punch

Another unique feature comes in the shape of the reels. You may typically remember the reels in the form of a neat 5 by 5 structure. The form of a rectangle. But in Fire & Steel, the shape of the reels is in the form of a pyramid.

  • The first and last column has three symbols.
  • In the second and fourth, there are four.
  • In the third column, there are 5 symbols. There are, in total, 20 pay lines. You can make winning combinations from left to right and vice-versa.

fire & steel slot
And there’s also the fact that you will be able to take things a step further. This is by gamble your winnings one more time on the double or nothing feature. If you’re feeling especially lucky – then you may double up on your winnings here – there’s a 50/50 chance for this. Careful not to get too greedy, however, because, in the end, you may lose everything that you have previously won.

Fire & Steel Slot – In conclusion

Fire & Steel definitely packs a punch with the poignancy of its theme and the way it executes it. The brilliant score will help you enjoy this game even further. And so will the unique wild symbol feature and the rays that the wilds shoot. However, we still feel that this game is nowhere near its full potential. The entirety of the features is lackluster. But it’s still a good game that you could enjoy.

Nicholas Cross