Reel Talent Slot – Play and Read Review

On November 7, 2018, Microgaming released a new online slot, Reel Talent. The game boasts a theme that not many other slots do. It includes new and exciting features that players may not have seen before. Microgaming is known for its unique bonuses.

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Everybody’s A Star

The theme of Reel Talent is performers competing for the spotlight on stage. The stage they perform on is depicted by the reels. Background music plays, that sets the mood for the game.
reel talent slot

About the symbols

The reels are filled with the faces of the various performers. However, they all take the form of an animal. This includes a lion, crocodile, wolf and a rabbit. The lion’s talent is singing while the crocodile eats fire. The wolf plays the guitar and the rabbit shows off his talent as a musician. There are also non-animal symbols on the reels. They include playing cards, a microphone, guitar and fire torch. Each of these symbols is the equipment the performers use. The game’s logo serves as the wild symbol, which pays out the most to lucky players.

Bonus Features

When players get a winning combination of symbols, the Symbol Storage feature is activated. Whichever symbol leads to the winning combination ends up in storage. This gets players a free re-spin of the reels. If this happens three times during a gaming session, the Superspin feature is activated. Players are tasked with performing on stage during this feature. The three symbols that activated the feature dictate the stage used. If the three symbols were all different, players get a Showtime Superspin. If two different symbols triggered the bonus, players get a Big Stage Superspin.
reel talent microgaming
A single type of symbol gets players the Solo Performance Superspin. During this round that symbol is seen all across the reels, leaving players with a big win.

Final Thoughts

With amazing graphics and high-quality animations, players will feel like they are really performing on stage. This game is sure to add excitement to the life of anyone who plays it. Reel Talent allows players to feel like the spotlight is all theirs. Since so many people crave the spotlight, this game likely has worldwide appeal.

Microgaming has outdone itself with Reel Talent. The bonus features are designed to make the game more interactive than other slots. This points to the trend among online gambling companies, as many younger players are actively seeking out. Reel Talent shows players that Microgaming is in tune with what they want.

In the near future, more online slots will likely become increasingly interactive. They will help players escape into a world where they can pretend to be someone they aren’t. This is the kind of escape from daily life that many players are looking for. It gives them a chance to indulge in a fantasy world. Reel Talent is a game that almost any player can enjoy. The game is exciting and is just what many players need in order to relax and unwind.

Nicholas Cross