Ozzy Osbourne Slot by NetEnt

Fans of the rock icon Ozzy Osbourne are loving NetEnt‘s online video slot machine in his likeness. For his biggest fans, the game makes it easy to immerse themselves in the music he’s famous for making. Global Merchandising Services, an association of Ozzy Osbourne, agreed to the licensing needed to make this casino game possible.

The Man Behind The Game

Anyone that listens to rock n roll music from the 1970s knows the name Ozzy Osbourne. As both the lead singer of Black Sabbath and a solo act, Osborne has impacted the way people all over the world listen to music. He is in both the United States and UK Rock n Roll Halls of Fame. Ozzy entered the U.S. Rock n Roll Hall of Fame with Black Sabbath. He entered the UK Rock n Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist. Ozzy also has stars on the Hollwyood Walk of Fame and England’s Birmingham Walk of Stars.
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The MTV generation remembers Ozzy and his family. Their reality show gave fans a glimpse into their home life. The series featured Ozzy and his wife Sharon, along with two of their three children, Jack and Kelly. For six years the family entertained viewers all over the world. Even now, Ozzy continues to entertain his fans whenever he can.

Decades of living the rock star life have taken its toll on Osbourne. These days he can’t do much more than sitting back and bask in his own legacy. His music has stood the test of time for more than one generation of fans. Ozzy brought his unique style to the world of rock n roll.

Ozzy Slot – One In A Series

NetEnt has been on a roll with rock n roll themed slot machines. Ozzy Osbourne is part of a series that includes Guns n Roses and Jimi Hendrix. Each game takes the music of their respective rock legends and uses it during play. Like its predecessors, the Ozzy Osbourne slot lets players listen to popular tracks while spinning the reels. The tracks are taken straight from their album, so the sound quality is always top notch.

It’s not just the music of Ozzy featured in the game. The symbols on the reels all have some association with him. This keeps players hooked and reminds them of everything Ozzy is best known for. For younger players it teaches them virtually all they need to know about him.

The Making Of A Legend

Ozzy has cemented his place in rock history with the release of his self-titled video slot machine. Only the most popular and successful bands/musicians get this opportunity. The game is appealing to those who grew up listening to his music. Yet it also appeals to reality TV fans that couldn’t get enough of The Osbournes, which aired for many years on MTV. Between the two, the Ozzy Osbourne slot already has a built-in fanbase of players. Like the other rock-themed slots, this gives it an edge over other games with weaker themes.

Final Thoughts on Ozzy Osbourne Slot by NetEnt

“Ozzy Osbourne is a timeless rockstar that will continue to entertain future generations. His slot machine game is just another way for his fans to enjoy his work.”

Players will probably feel like they are attending an Ozzy Osbourne concert when they launch this game. Its music and graphics are enough to transport anyone into the world of Ozzy. The game is a visual and audio treat for players of all ages. They will see Ozzy’s face on the reels, among the other appropriately themed symbols.

With universal appeal, this game is likely to end up in many online casinos. It may even be popular enough to spawn a real-life slot machine in land-based casinos. Rock-themed slots like The Rolling Stones have already accomplished this feat.

The trend of using rock n roll to inspire slot machines is one that will probably keep growing. Since nearly everyone is interested in pop culture, it is easy to see why these games have become so popular. They often end up appealing to those who may not normally play slots. This is likely a significant part of the reason why NetEnt has gotten onboard with so many music-themed slots.

Timeless artist in a timeless slot

Ozzy Osbourne is a timeless rockstar that will continue to entertain future generations. His slot machine game is just another way for his fans to enjoy his work. In this respect, he is making his mark on the gambling industry. As one industry he hadn’t yet tackled, Ozzy is set to change the way fans feel about slot machine games. They may find a new appeal in this type of game based on their admiration of Ozzy and his work.

ozzy video slot
His self titled slot machine is one players can find at the best online casinos. Many may even join a casino just so they can play his game. In this way, Ozzy is helping online casinos find a new audience of players. Time will tell how much of an impact the Ozzy Osbourne Slot by NetEnt has.

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