Max Quest Wrath of Ra Slot

Betsoft officially released Max Quest Wrath of Ra on November 2, 2018. This innovative online slot machine feels like a video game from the minute players load it. They are first presented with a screen where players can enter a username for the game. The opening screen includes a short note setting up the game’s premise. Players can then customize their avatar or let the game select one randomly.

Max Quest of Ra is different from any other slot machine game.

A Video Game Layout

Upon choosing their username and avatar, players begin at level one. The first step is to purchase virtual bullets to use in the game. Those bullets are used by players embarking on a dangerous quest. Players must then select one room to begin the action. Rooms are made up of players that take on the roles of technical experts, weapons specialists and navigators.

Game Theme & Background

The premise of the game is that players are searching for buried treasures. The treasures are located in ancient Egyptian tombs. The game sorts players into rooms where they work together to find it.

In their quest to find the treasures, players will encounter mummies, vengeful pharaoh ghosts and scarab beetles that have gone through a mutation.

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Video Gameplay

Max Quest of Ra is different from any other slot machine game. Its distinct absence of a spin button is due to this. Instead, players shoot at their enemies. There are no pay lines and money is won by hitting the intended targets.

The uniqueness of this game lies in its combination of video game and slot machine elements. The game was created in response to a desire by younger players for more interactive slots. As a result, players can earn trophies and experience points. The points can later be redeemed for prizes. Players can even compete to see who can get the highest score and the most achievements.

Final Thoughts

It is likely that Max Quest Wrath of Ra will usher in a new era of slot machines, both online and off. It is exactly what today’s slot machine players are looking for in their entertainment. For both desktop and mobile device players, the game is sure to be a big hit. Software companies such as Betsoft and others are responding to players’ desires for video game inspired slots.
max quest wrath of ra
Though Betsoft is not the industry’s biggest company it is becoming a trailblazer. They are one of the first to embrace this new type of game that new online casino players’ desire. Boasting amazingly realistic graphics this game is as mesmerizing to watch as it is to play. Being transported into a different world is easy to do when one launches the game. It is possible to take on a new identity most don’t experience in real life.

Only time will tell if Betsoft follows up with more video slots similar to Max Quest Wrath of Ra. At any rate, players can expect the future of video slots to be more interactive than ever.

Nicholas Cross