White King 2 – Slot game by Playtech

White King 2 is a slot game made by leading company Playtech. It’s a simple slot game – but with an important twist. If you wanted to learn more about this game, then you’ve come to the right place. This review will cover some important information about the game’s theme and features. Read the rest of it and you will have a clearer idea on whether you’ll want to play it.

There is a white lion, a white tiger, a white eagle

Theme of the game

The game has no storyline that we could pinpoint. But this doesn’t mean that it’s a bad game – far from it. White King is all about albino animals, it seems. There is a white lion, a white tiger, a white eagle etc. among the game’s main symbols. A soothing music goes in the background while you play this game. The main colour used in the game is red. It blends in nicely with the background that looks like a meadow. And that’s really all there is when it comes to the theme.

Features of the game

You can vary your bet level – as is the case with most other slot games. The lowest bet is literally 0.01 coins. This is the lowest bet that you can find in online slots. The number of pay lines in the game is 40.

playtech white king 2 slot game
However, a somewhat unique feature in this game is the fact that you can vary the pay lines. You can select 1, 2, and all the way up to 40 pay lines for your next bet. The biggest bet, in turn, can climb all the way up to 400 coins. We couldn’t find any information about the game’s RTP rate, though. Given the fact that the predecessor of this game has a dismal RTP rate of 90.05% – we suggest that you play this game with caution.

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The special feature in the game comes in the form of the double symbols. Anyone of the more valuable symbols in the game can double-up. And this means that their worth will double-up, too. The White King 2 scatter symbol can give you 50 coins and trigger 50 free spins. This happens if you get 6 of these symbols – with the help of the double-up feature. If you get a lower number of these symbols – then you will also get a lower reward and re-spins number.

White King 2 – Our conclusion

White King 2 doesn’t really have anything to keep a player’s attention. Sure, you may be captivated by the robustness of the white animals in the game. But this is where the fun ends. The double-up feature simply isn’t enough for you to enjoy the game for a longer time.

Also, the fact that there is no info on the RTP rate seems suspicious. There are many other online slot games that are outright better than White King 2.

white king 2 slot

Nicholas Cross