Book of Oz – A Microgaming slot on the famous wizard theme!

In December 2018, Microgaming released the Book of Oz online slot machine. The game was inspired by the series of Wizard of Oz books. Its main focus is the wizard that the other characters sought out. Those characters are not part of Book of Oz.

Players have an opportunity to enjoy a fantasy world that everyone is familiar with

Magical Symbols

The reels are filled with magical symbols. This includes a golden book, love potion, mystical wizard and a courageous lion. The wizard’s golden book serves as both the wild and scatter symbols. As a result, it has more power to help players win.

Book of Oz – Bonus Features

Free spins are one of the game’s highlights. They get them when three of the golden books are on the reels at once. Players get 10 free spins for this. With four and five symbols respectively, players get 12 or 25 free spins. Expanding symbols during free spins can result in huge cash winnings.

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The other bonus feature players love is re-spins. By paying, players get to spin the reels again. One example of this is if players get a four of a kind with the wizard symbol, they can spin the fifth reel. This may result in five of a kind and increased winnings. Even if players get two scatters they can choose to spin a random third reel. By paying for their initial spin players may be able to unlock the re-spin bonus. The game is more interactive for players due to this feature. It follows a storyline that guides players through the land of Oz.

Final Thoughts

Players may be disappointed if they expect Book of Oz to be like Wizard of Oz. The two have almost nothing in common. On the other hand, the game brings awareness of the Oz book series. This can add to a player’s appreciation of the series.

As for the game itself, it is simple but breathtaking. The free and re-spins are exciting to players. These basic features make it easy for beginners to enjoy this game. Those who are new to slots can learn the ropes with this one.

During gameplay, a fun soundtrack accompanies the spinning of the reels. This adds a level of energy to the game unmatched by others. It sets the moods for players to keep spinning reels and hoping for a win.

The game is a pleasure for players of all ages. Its universal theme makes it appealing to players all over the world. The legacy of Wizard of Oz is one that can’t be ruined. Book of Oz only adds to its legacy. Players have an opportunity to enjoy a fantasy world that everyone is familiar with. They can immerse themselves in this game and embrace the mental escape it offers.

Book of Oz is one game that players aren’t likely to get tired of. Its appeal lies in the ease of the gameplay and the excitement it causes. Microgaming has once again released a game that players can’t get enough of. It holds up the high standards Microgaming has.

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