The Slotfather 2 Slot – A Game from Betsoft Gaming

If you’re a fan of movies, then you have definitely seen the Godfather trilogy. Chances are you will also like Slotfather 2 that we soon will talk more about. But back to the movies. The first two Godfather movies are lauded as some of the best movies in the entire history of cinema. They follow the story of an Italian crime family in the United States – Don Vito Corleone, Michael Corleone, Sonny and Fredo. All of these characters have embedded themselves in our minds because of how authentic they were.

Well, for the fans of the Godfather trilogy and the theme of the mafia – we have an exciting proposition. And our proposition is for you to try out the game called “The Slotfather 2”. Below you will find some additional information about this game and why we think you should play it if you’re a fan of slots.

The theme and story of The Slotfather II

We have mentioned the fact that this game is based on the Godfather trilogy and book in the first paragraph of this article. Now, some of you may take offence at how bad the name of this game may be. It’s a pretty bad pun even for slot game standards. But we assure you that this is actually the worst part about the game. Everything gets better from then on.

As a mafia-themed game, you will be given the opportunity to win some money by doing mafioso things.

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The theme of the mafia is personally one of my favourite themes and I can’t wait to devour any content that’s related to it, as is the case with The Slotfather II slot. There is no coherent story as far as we could tell – but the mafia is a story in and of itself. So, I found that I easily got lost in the whirlwind of the game because of the beautiful, authentic mafia atmosphere that it has. Slotfather 2 is made by the game developer Betsoft Gaming.

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Meet the Mafioso characters

There are mafioso characters in this game, of course. The first character has no name but he looks very much like Don Vito Corleone from the original Godfather movie, as portrayed by the legendary Marlon Brando. He’s dressed like a mobster, in a suit, with a fedora hat. He wears black shades on his eyes and he’s smoking a cigar. If that wasn’t enough to give you the impression of a gangster – then the fact that he’s also holding a Tommy gun – the mafia weapon of choice – in his arm surely will.

And then there are the three bonus mafia characters of this game. Their names are Fat Tony, Snake Eyes Sammy, and Frankie. They are all beautifully drawn and give the impressions of gangsters with their own particular styles and preferences when it comes to working.

The music is phenomenal. It too gives the impression of the mafia – it features the old Italian instruments and it falls in perfectly with the overall mafia atmosphere of the game. We love it.

Playing the game

There are, in total, 243 ways to win. This means that this game joins the circle of slot games that have a big number of potential winning combinations. In this sense, the game doesn’t offer anything special. But when you come to think about it. All of the slot games are pretty similar to one another and they mostly differ in the graphics and theme.
The symbols are, of course, all to the tune of the mafia. I have a lot of fun while making winning combinations with the whiskey and cigar symbol, the tower of Pisa pictures symbol, and the stack of money symbol, among others. Of course, all of the symbols have their distinctive worth. Check out the paytable while playing the game if you wish to learn more about the payout rates of different symbols of the game.

Special features in The Slotfather 2 slot

Where the game gets really interesting is with the special features. There is a scatter symbol that comes in the form of a truck. If you hit three or more of these, you will be given free spins and, in this feature, a truck will literally come by and give you the opportunity to play for free for a certain number of times. Again, we’re pretty impressed with the overall mafia atmosphere that this game has. It makes us feel like we’re there, dealing with the gangsters, doing crime, and getting rich. Now, this may not be a noble thing to do. But this game provides an effective outlet for the criminal tendencies that exist in almost everyone.

Bonus game

The final special feature that you will be given the opportunity to try out is the bonus game. The way to access the bonus game is by getting three symbols of the mafiosos that we have mentioned above. Fat Tony, Snake Eyes Sammy, and Frankie. If you can hit three of the same of these, then you will access the bonus game. And depending on the mafia character that you get in this way – the bonus game will have a different outcome.

As mentioned before, the mafia characters of this game have their own preferences and distinctive styles when they work. Fat Tony is slow and steady in his work and he always gets paid, even if it’s a little. Snake Eyes Sammy uses a much more violent and volatile approach to work – there are times when he doesn’t get paid because of this. But when he does get paid – he gets paid big time. Finally, Frankie uses a combination of styles. He is neither too aggressive nor too careful about his work.

The casino bonus game is very simple to play. You get a number of envelopes and you need to select one among them. You need to repeat the process until you pick the “collect” symbol. And during this game, you will hear iconic sentences from the Godfather franchise like “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” And “I’ll make him an offer that he can’t refuse.” So good.

In conclusion

The Slotfather II is our personal favourite online slot game. But this can be due to the fact that we’re somewhat obsessed with the mafia theme. Regardless – we advise you to try this game out, even if you’re not a fan of the mafia. We think that you will, either way, end up loving it. If you want to check for Betsoft casino, then go to our new casino page where we list our favourite new casinos at this moment. Most likely, many of these will feature Betsoft slot games.
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Nicholas Cross