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2020 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for online casinos. We have already seen some great casinos launching with some exciting features like VR. There are also new UK casino sites that fully support playing games on the ever loved mobile and tablets devices. New online casinos UK are always evolving and trying to adapt to the ever-changing and very competitive online casino market.

Here at Casino Bonus, we know our readers want to know about all the best new UK online casinos 2020. This is what drives us every day to test the countless brand new casino sites 2020 has to offer. We then make reviews on the best of them for our readers to enjoy. On the page below you will find a brief history of online casinos. This includes how it has evolved into a multiple billion-pound industry in a short amount of time. You will also find all the information you could ever ask for about new UK online casinos and what makes them appealing to players. There is also a list of all the newest and best UK online casinos sites 2020. This list is also being constantly updated with new UK casino sites 2020. So make sure to check back in often and see what’s new at Casino-Bonus/uk.

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New UK Casino Sites 2020

What makes the new UK casino sites of 2020 great? This is a great question and one that we get asked frequently. It is also one that is very easy to answer. The simple fact of the matter is that they are new.

This means the developers have had time to look at the current casino market and see what players are enjoying. Then they can take these best parts of it and add to them. This has helped the world of online casinos grow and evolve into the billion-pound industry it is today. An example of this waiting and seeing what players are enjoying would be that it is clear that currently, the game type players are enjoying the most is slot games. That is why we have seen a surge in slot focused casinos recently. This is why we can get so excited about the launch of new UK casino sites because they bring the promise of having state of the art technology and complement with the best of old.

Another added bonus of playing at a new online casino UK is the fact that many of them offer great promotions. This is because they are eager to get new players into their casino and start making a name for themselves. You can find more information on these below. If you are interested to see what these new casino sites have to offer. You can check out our new UK casino 2020 list above as well as our reviews of the best new casino sites UK 2020.

new uk casino 2020

Technology that is shaping the new UK Online Casinos 2020

The single most important advance in technology for modern-day casinos was the introduction of mobile and tablet devices. It has become a very sort after feature by many players and one that almost all UK online casinos 2020 feature.  These devices help propel new online casinos 2020 UK into the 21 century. Players were no longer stuck to playing at a desktop but are free to play on the go. You can find a host of information about mobile and tablet gaming along with a list of mobile casinos on our mobile casino page.

A change in technology has really helped shape new online casino sites. This is most prominent in the game sections of casinos where you can now find thousands of different games. The games are no longer just simple three or four reel slots like they used to be. Nowadays most slots come with animations and themes. Some slots are even endorsed by movies and come with cut scenes taken from the actual film the slot game is based on. Players are now also free to enjoy live casino games with real hosts and dealers to interact with. You can find more about this and the casino that offer live casino games at our live casino page.

new casino sites uk

Virtual reality games are the latest technological advance that is sweeping online casinos and offer a brand new and unique way to play at online casinos. There are only a few casinos that offer this experience but it is something everyone is keeping an eye on. We are sure it will be the next step forward for brand new UK casinos 2020. The only problem with these VR casinos and games is that they come with minimum specification requirements for your desktop for you to be able to play at them and of course you will need VR equipment. This also means we may not see it on mobile and tablets for some time.  Again you can read more about this on our slots page where we cover everything you could possibly want to know about slot games.

New Casino Bonuses and VIP Programs

New UK casino sites more often than not have great promotions and bonuses. This is because they want to attract players. This can be hard without these promotions as many players have already found an online casino that they play at and trust. This means many players are reluctant to up sticks and move to a brand new casino UK 2020 that they have never heard of or played at. It is for this reason that most of the time the welcome bonus of a casino is so good and is only available to a new player and only once. It is designed to allow the player to play at the casino and try it out without having to invest a lot of their own money and still have a lot of play time.

This is also the reason why we love to bring the best new UK casino sites to our readers. It allows our readers to get the most out of the casino whilst getting a good a sense of the new casino 2020 UK and seeing if they would like to play there for themselves.

VIP schemes are also another very popular way for new casino sites in the UK to attract and keep players. They do this by offering lucrative rewards for loyal customers. These rewards can include perks and rewards like:

  • A Personal Account Manager
  • Birthday Bonuses
  • Exclusive Promotions
  • Cash Back Deals
  • Fast Withdrawals
  • Larger Withdrawals
  • Invitations to Special Events
  • No Deposit Free Spins

As you can see from the list you can earn some great rewards and perks from VIP programs. It is good to remember that most VIP programs are tiered and you will not unlock all of the perks and rewards straight away. You will most likely have to climb up the ranks and unlock the rewards as you rank up. Your rank is usually determined by how much you have deposited at the casino over a period of time. This is, of course, subject to each casino individual program. Finally, players should be aware that all these types of schemes come with terms and conditions. So make sure to always read them before signing up to a casino.

new uk casinos 2020

It can help to have a Theme in 2020

To help a casino stand out from the crowd, developers are more and more frequently choosing to make new casino sites UK themed. If we are being honest we love themed casinos. This is because having a theme can make casino fun and unique.

A theme can also get people talking about your casino and its theme which can be very beneficial in getting players to visit and try out this new casino site. This is especially true for new casino sites in the UK where they are launching into a well-established market that has countless competitors. They really need to stand out from the crowd to attract players. In truth, there is nothing more enjoyable than loading a new UK casino and seeing a theme you have never seen before. You then have the enjoyable experience of getting to explore all the pages of the casino and seeing how the theme is played out in all the graphics and banners on all these pages.

One of the biggest perks of having a theme is that it can also make the casino feel more welcoming and fun to play at which is always great for attracting new players and in turn get people talking about your casino. Casinos can have any theme you can imagine and over the years we have seen some weird and funny themes. Some of the themes we have seen are Egyptian, Chilli’s, Greek Gods, Water, Spooky, crazy scientists, lords of lands, Nordic, Avocados, Space, High Rollers, Kings, Arcades, Fruits, Fluffy, and plenty more. This is another reason why we cannot wait to see what wacky and crazy new themed UK casino sites 2020 has to offer players. You can rest well knowing that we will be reviewing all the best new UK casinos 2020 for our readers.

Nicholas Cross about new casino sites in the UK 2020

Below you can listen to an episode from The Casino Bonus Podcast, where our content manager, Nick Cross, discusses the latest trends and what new casinos 2020 in the UK need to think about to maintain players and become even better.

Questions & Answers regarding new casinos in the UK

We always list the newest casino sites in UK. Therefore, have a look at the top of this page. For players not only looking for the newest UK casinos but are more interested in different bonuses, we can suggest these two pages:

No player is looking for the exact same thing. Different preferences result in that there is no way to answer this question easily. However, by knowing what type of new casino site 2020 you are looking for, read our reviews and see if the new casino is offering what you are looking for.

To be able to get a gambling license, a new UK casino 2020 needs to have Gamstop. Therefore, you can’t find new UK casino sites without gamstop. This is for your safety and should only be looked upon as something good. For people outside the UK, we suggest you visit to see all online casinos in the world.

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A Summary of New Casino Sites 2020 UK

As you can see from all the information above 2020 is going to be a great year for casinos. This is because we are in the midst of one of the biggest online casino evolutions. New technology is making the casinos of 2020 even better, faster, smoother, and more available than ever. Then there are all the enticing promotions that these new casinos 2020 UK are putting out there. To not only attract new player but to also help players make the most of their new casino sites UK.

There really has not been a better time to try out a new UK online casino than in 2020. As always we at will be here to bring you the best UK casino of 2020. So if you are looking for the best new casino site 2020 UK. Then make sure you check out our new casino UK page and read some of our reviews. Most importantly remember to have fun and stay safe.

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