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If you would like to get in contact with us then please do. We love to hear feedback and even suggestions that our readers may have for us. This includes games and casinos that we may not have a review on. We would also like to know if any of our links are broken or any of our web pages are not working correctly.

We aim to reply to any question or suggestion as soon as possible. This is of course not always possible as we are sometimes inundated with emails. If this is the case it may take us longer than we would normally to reply to your email. If you feel it has been too long you can always send us another email just encase the first one got lost somewhere.

When to Contact Us

There are plenty of times we would love to hear from our readers. Below we have listed several great reasons to contact us.

  • To provide us with feedback on our website like broken links or web pages that are not working as intended.
  • To inform us of any mistreatment or unjust treatment from a casino operator listed on this website.
  • If you want us to write a review on your favourite game or casino that we may have missed.
  • General questions about the different bonuses and terms or bonuses.
  • To provide us with tips on any new up and coming casinos or games.
  • We also love it when our readers just reach out and say Hi.

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When You Should Contact a Casino and Not Us

We are more than happy to answer questions and reply to genuine feedback. So if you feel like you have been badly mistreated or run into a problem with one of the casinos promoted by our website then we would be glad to hear your story. What you must understand though is that we are not part of a casino or operator and cannot offer any help. Our own goal is to provide UK players with a choice of the best possible casinos and bonuses available to them.  What we can do though is alter our review on the casino and possibly the operator to give a better guide to the casino in question.

This is one of the reasons we always tell players to read terms and conditions of the casino and its promotions that they are about to play at. This way they know what to expect, such as wagering requirements and more. You can find out more about this at our terms and conditions page.

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