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One of the biggest revelations to new online casinos of the modern era was the introduction of mobile and tablet devices. Mobile casinos took the industry by storm. They opened up online casinos to a brand new audience and a big one at that. This is because of how easy it was for people to start playing at a mobile casino online when using a mobile or tablet device.

Players were no longer tied to playing in front of their computer screens.

They could play from the comfort of their own sofa. They could also play anywhere they could get an Internet connection so playing away from home became a huge part of new online casinos. This still stands true today with many new UK casinos in 2021 supporting and advertising that they support mobile and tablet devices. It is fast becoming not only a selling point for new online casinos but a must-have feature.

In this article, we will be looking at why mobile casinos 2021 have become so popular in not only the UK, but globally.

List of UK Mobile Casinos 2021

Below you will find the best UK online casinos that offer players the ability to play on mobile devices. As usual, we have made sure the list contains only the best of the best. This means you can sit back and enjoy them rather than having to hunt around the internet looking for the best UK mobile casinos.

    Different Types of Mobile Casinos

    One thing you’ll notice about mobile casinos in 2021 in the UK is that they come in different types. Some casinos have dedicated apps you can download and install on your mobile devices, others only have a mobile website.

    While apps are far more convenient, you will need to install them on your phone, and some players are not OK with that. If you don’t want to use an app, mobile casino websites are available for every casino on our list.

    They might lack the special features apps have, but they still work flawlessly on any device. No matter if you’re an Android or iOS fan, you can access a mobile casino via your browser and play the games with ease.

    With mobile casino sites, you don’t need to download and install any software. Just head to the casino via your browser and it’ll automatically transfer you to the mobile site. All sites will adapt to any screen size, so no matter if you’re on a smartphone or tablet, the screen size will be scaled appropriately.

    Mobile Casinos 2021 UK

    Looking for the greatest  mobile casinos in the UK? You’re at the right place. We’ve got your covered here at Below are all the newest UK mobile casinos that will make the headlines in 2021. So if you love all things new then check out some of these reviews and see if any of these brand new online casinos suits you.

    We will regularly update the list below with new mobile casinos, so make sure to bookmark it and check it regularly.

    Mobile Casino in the UK – Updated list 2021

    Why Is Mobile Gaming So Popular?

    This is the question that companies had to work out fast as they frantically made new online casinos to keep up with the demand for mobile casinos. The answer is really simple if you ask us. It’s the freedom that players love the most.

    As long as you have a stable 4G/5G or WiFi Internet connection, you can access and enjoy mobile casinos anytime and anywhere. Out for a walk and fancy some free spins? Just get your phone out of your pocket and load your favourite casino. Boom! You’re already playing! Away from home on vacation or work and don’t have access to a desktop? No problem! You just get out your phone and play at your favourite casino.

    This is the reality of mobile casinos and what has made them grow in popularity so quickly. Players these days don’t want to be stuck behind their desktop playing casino games. They want to do it from their sofa and have the option to play wherever they want and whenever they want.

    One of the main reasons why mobile casinos 2021 are possible is thanks to advancements in mobile phone technology. Nowadays they are more powerful than some desktops were a few years ago and definitely can have a better internet connection. This allows online casinos and their games to load quickly and run smoothly on mobile devices.

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    Perks of Playing on a Mobile

    As we have mentioned before the biggest advantage of playing at a mobile casino 2021 UK is the freedom. You can play anywhere that you can take your mobile and reliably get a good internet connection. There are also online casinos that have been specially made with mobile users in mind. These online casinos are built to be user-friendly on the smaller screens and can even look and feel better than some desktop casinos.

    Adapting Games for Mobile

    One of the things iGaming companies have been doing over the last few years is adapting their games for mobile use. This is because older games were never meant to be played on a small mobile screen. This meant at the start of the mobile craze there were not a lot of games on mobile devices for users to play.

    Slowly but surely companies like NetEnt and others have been adapting their older games so players can play them using mobile devices. This means that there are only a few very old games that players may not be able to play on mobile devices. These days companies are always making new games for mobile casinos UK.

    More Games All the Time

    Apart from adapting games iGaming companies are now making new games that run smoothly and quickly on mobile devices. They are also using the full power of mobile devices to make sure the games look great in the resolutions these devices offer.

    This has led to a point where we are seeing more and more games launch with mobile devices in mind. Players will recognize these as they have a different layout. This is to make them as comfortable as possible for players to push all the buttons using their thumbs when playing on a mobile device.

    Different Types of Games

    There are loads of different types of games now available to play on mobile devices. Of course the most popular is slot games and there are plenty of them to choose from. In fact, some online casinos launch with only slot games available to players.

    If slot games are not your game of choice or you are looking for a change you will be happy to know that some UK mobile casinos offer other games as well. You should have no problem in finding roulette, blackjack, scratch games, bingo, and more. Above you can see a full list of mobile casinos 2021 UK that you can check out.

    Online Mobile Casino Apps

    Another Surprising trend we have seen in the last few years is the introduction of mobile casino apps. These apps allow access to fully functioning casinos and all players will have to do is download the app for the casino onto their device.

    Doing this have many advantages such as the casino will almost always run faster and smoother. This is because the app and casino will be tailored to your Android or Apple devices.

    You have also pre-downloaded some of the critical files with the app. This allows the casino to access these files quicker. These types of casinos can also be very secure for making deposits and withdrawals. These apps are most of the time free to download as well. So keep that in mind if you are trying to decide between a browser casino and an app casino.

    mobile casinos uk 2020

    You Can Still Play at Mobile casino Online Via Your Browser

    Of course, if you do not want to download an app or maybe you do not have the space to store the app you can simply play via a browser. This is the most common way for many players to use mobile casinos 2021 UK anyway.

    You should have no problem with the casino anyway especially if it is a new 2021 mobile casino UK. These sites are designed to work on any mobile device and will adapt to the screen size instantly.

    Thanks to the adaptive menus and mobile-optimized design, you’ll have no trouble playing your faves.

    What Does the Future Hold?

    This is a great question and one we wonder about all the time. We feel that mobile play has already shown that it is the future of online gambling. There are more players than ever using a mobile device to access casinos and this does not show any signs of stopping.

    Mobile devices are only getting more powerful. This will only let iGaming developers make better games with better graphics and design. Maybe we will even get to a point where players will be able to play VR games on their mobile devices, as long as they have the equipment of course.

    Will 2021 be that year? Who knows! However, we’re still excited for what 2021 has to offer to players that love playing on mobile devices.

    Some Last Words on Mobile Casino 2021 UK

    The world of online casinos is constantly changing and mobile devices certainly made a splash in it. In fact, we are still seeing the effects as you will struggle to find a new casino or game that does not support mobile devices. This alone is a testament to just how popular the device is that a company would not risk launching without supporting it.

    We can see why it is so popular and we have to admit we love the idea of being free to play wherever we want and whenever we want. So if you are like the idea of that type of freedom, then make sure to check out our list mobile casinos UK.

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