Privacy & Cookie Policies

On this page, we describe the privacy policy and our policy on cookies for our website Casino Bonus in UK (also known as “us”, “this website/page”, “we” etc). This Privacy & Cookie Policies Page was last updated on January 2020.


Privacy of our readers is of the utmost importance to us. That is why we comply will all the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that was set out by the European Union in May of 2018. We also use SSL encryption (SHA-256 with RSA) to protect and keep this data safe. Below we will outline the data that we collect and why.

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Non-Personal Data

This is data that we collect that cannot be used to identify a person. This includes things like what type of device you are using to access this website. How much time did you spend on any page you visited and other things like this. We collect this data to help improve our website and make to better for our readers.

Personal Data

This is data that relates to an identifiable person. We at use Google Analytics and using this tool we indirectly collect a person’s IP (internet protocol) address. This tells us where around the world our traffic comes from and allows us to tailor our content accordingly. Below you will find a link that readers can use to opt-out of Google Analytics.

Third Parties that can access your data

The third parties that can access your data from this website are:

  • Google Analytics, an analytical tool that tracts visitor statistics and where they come from.
  • Word Press, a CMS system on which our website is built – You can read their privacy policy here.

Cookie policy

We at use cookies to make our website better for our readers and anyone that visits it. Anyone who visits our website for the first time will notice a disclaimer at the bottom of the page. When you click to agree and continue to use our website you are accepting this cookie policy and the use and storage of cookies on your device.

So What Are Cookies and why do we Use Them

Cookies are small files that are saved on your device. This happens when you enter and agree to any websites cookie policy. They are extremely popular with website owners as they can help them to make their website better. This is because they can gather information like what devices a person is using to access a website (A desktop, mobile, or tablet device). As well as how long a person was at their website. We then use this information to customize and optimize our website to make it the best it can possibly be. Cookies are optional and readers can block them or turn them off at any time. You will find how to manage cookies further down this page.

The Different Type of Cookies

Session or Temporary cookies – These are cookies that are used whilst you browse a web page. They help make the web page run as effectively as possible. These types of cookies are also deleted straightway as soon as you have left the website.

Functional or Permanent Cookies – This type of cookies are saved and are used when you would make a change to a website. This would include something like a save setting or preference that you made when visiting a web page. It allows the web page to be more personalized the next time you visit it.

Analytical Cookies – As the name suggests there are for analytical purposes such as Google Analytics. This type of cookies collect data that can then help make a website better. For example, if we find more of our readers are using mobiles than desktops it would be worth us looking into making changes to the website to accommodate this.

Managing Your Cookies

Everyone can choose how to manage cookies when they visit a website. This means you can choose to delete cookies or block them all together at any time. However, this might mean that the website you are visiting may not function as well as it should.

You can go here if you would like to find out how to manage your cookies on the browser you use.

If you would like to opt-out of Google Analytics you can go here.

Our Cookie and privacy policies are subject to change at any time. So if you would like to keep up to date with them we recommend you check this page regularly.

We would also like to ensure our readers know that we would never sell any data to third parties and that we take our privacy policy and data protection very seriously. If you have any concerns or questions you can get in touch with us via our contact us page.

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