Roulette for UK Players 2020

So you are looking to play roulette 2020 in the UK, but do not know where to start. Well, you have come to the right place. The goal of this page to break down the game that is roulette. On this page, you will find the history of roulette, how to play and the rules, the differences between American, European, and French roulette. We will also provide some of the best roulette casino bonus and last but not least, cover some strategizes that have been made in the hope of beating the game.

Before all that lets first start off with what is roulette. Roulette is a simple game where a ball is spun in one direction and a wheel that contains numbers is spun in the opposite direction. Eventually, the ball loses momentum and falls onto the wheel. It when then eventually comes to a stop on a number on the wheel. To play roulette a player simply places a bet on the number they believe the ball will stop on. Guess right and you win guess wrong and you lose.

The History

It is thought that the first form of roulette came from France in the 18th century. Many believe that the roulette mechanism is a hybrid of two different games the Italian game of Biribi and this primitive wheel game invented in 1720.

The game in its present form has been around in Paris since as early as 1796. This early version had two zeros one read and one black. To avoid confusion the zeros were made to be green which is how we now see them across the world.

It was not until 1843 that we saw the appearance of a single zero table. They were first seen in a German casino and were the creation of French twins François and Louis Blanc.  The casino made this roulette wheel to entice players to their casino as this new single zero table gave players a better chance of winning. Today this is known as European Roulette.

Nowadays the double zero roulette is prominently found in American. The single zero roulette is mostly found in Europe and elsewhere around the world. Players should know that there is a third type of roulette as well. It is called French roulette and we will cover the differences further down in the article.

Fortunately for online UK roulette players, you can find all types of roulette in online casinos.


The Rules and How to Play Roulette

So you want to play but do not know the rules. Whether at a land-based casino or an online casino we would advise you to just stand or sit back and watch. This is one of the easiest ways to learn. You just watch what other players are doing. Players can also ask members of staff, hosts, dealers and they will certainly be more than happy to help you out. For online casinos, you should be able to find rules which state betting limits and other important information.

After you are confident enough from watching the best way is then to give it a go. If it is your first time you should set a limit and bet small. Doing this should help you get the most out of the experience and you know what you might lose. If you get lucky you might even win some money.

Different Types of Roulette

As we said at the start of this article we would be letting our readers know the difference between American, European, and French roulette.  We will also be giving you our opinion on what is the best of them and the way you should always play that type if available. As with most good things it can sometimes be hard to find what we consider the best type of roulette. We will also be telling you the one we think our UK roulette players should avoid and why. We will start off with the worst and save the best for last.

American – This is the worst form of roulette in our opinion. This is because it has the highest house edge. The house edge of American roulette is 5.26%. This actually makes it one of the worst games a player can choose to play going by house edges. The reason behind this is due to the fact that it uses double zeros on its wheel. This extra zero is the only thing that makes it different from its counterparts but is a big difference. So if you want to play roulette then we suggest you avoid American roulette if you can.

European – If you have a choice between European and American we suggest you pick European. This is because the wheel only has a single zero on it. This cuts the house edge to only 2.7%. That is almost half of its American counterpart. This means that players will likely lose less money playing this version and it is why we recommend it over American roulette.

French – As we promised we have saved the best for last. You are probably wondering what sets French roulette apart from the others and makes it so much better. The first thing that players will notice is that the betting table has a different layout. Of course, this is not what makes it some much better. What makes it better is players can get half of their bet back on even chance bets. For example, if you put a £10 bet on red and black wins you will get £5 back. As you can imagine this can really help with losses and keep you playing for longer. It is for this simple reason that we always say that our readers should play roulette 2020 UK at these tables.


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Strategizes in Roulette 2020 UK

Since the creation of the game, there have been players trying to beat the casinos and win money. Some have and won big sums of money but all these strategies were either exploits of bad wheel designs. Alternatively, they were using technology that is now banned from land-based premises.  Below we will share with you some of these exploits and strategies and the risks that come with them.

Prediction Methods – These methods are based on predicting where the ball with land-based on how fast it is spinning. There have been many recorded incidents of players do so and winning money. One of the most popular was using sitting back and observing where the ball would land and making a note or it. This would allow the player to determine if there was a flaw in the wheel that would make it more likely for the ball to land on certain numbers.

In 1982 several British casinos lost large sums of money this way and this lead to the designing of a new wheel to counteract this problem.

Another prediction method is to use computers to judge the speed of the ball and determine where it will land and there have been a few cases of this including players making special mobile phones with laser scanners on them. This is why most land-based casinos will not permit mobile and electronic devices at their roulette tables.

Betting Systems

Probably the most famous roulette betting system is the martingale system. This roulette strategy is a very high-risk high reward and is one we do not recommend any player uses. This is because you can lose a lot of money quickly through a series of losses. The strategy is a simple one. All a player has to do is double his bet if he lost. This way the first win will recover all loses and make a profit equal to the first bet.

To break it down it would look like this. If a player lost £5 he would then bet £10, then £20, then £40, then £80, and so on and so forth until he won. As you can see from that example the amount you bet and may lose ramps up quickly. The strategy theoretically will work if a player has indefinite amounts of money and the casino has no betting limits. In the real world though no one has indefinite amounts of money and casinos have betting limits for just these types of reasons.

As you can see from above there is no true way to beat a casino. Most of the prediction methods are either exploits or are using technology that will likely see you getting banned from casinos. Betting strategies are not much better and do not offer 100% guarantees to success otherwise everyone would use them.

No Deposit Bonus on Roulette

We aim to provide high-quality roulette bonuses with no deposit for UK players in 2020. However, this is a very unique bonus and it not often available. When we have it, we will list it them. Until then, you better check out some of the new casino sites 2020 for UK players that we have on our website.

Our Verdict on Roulette online UK

We know that roulette is a popular game with a large fanbase. So if you are looking join in and try it out for yourself we would recommend checking out our casino reviews first to find a casino that offers roulette to UK players. We would also suggest you try and find a French roulette table to help you make the most of the game. If not then a European one will do. Now, remember to stay safe and more importantly have fun.