Hero Affiliates – The merits of the Casino Heroes affiliate program

Online gambling is a big thing nowadays. More and more people get to try out the hobby of playing gambling games in online casinos. And more and more people like this and incorporate it into their daily hobbies. So, there is a lot of money involved in this field of business. To that end, it’s in the best interest of new online casinos to entice new players to play. And to this purpose, they use the services of affiliate partners. But first and foremost, there needs to be an affiliate program they could use.

And this is where our article comes into play. You will now get to learn more about the so-called Hero Affiliates program.

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The base of the Hero Affiliates program

The first principle on which this program is based is that of honesty. As is stated on their website, Hero Affiliates will give its best to keep everything transparent. To this end, it uses the highly reliable and respected NetRefer software. This is guaranteed to keep track of all the important details when it comes to affiliate statistics. So, this makes Hero Affiliates one of our personal favourite affiliate programs on the internet.

And, it sure has some of the most interesting online casinos out there. CasinoHeroes has always been a favourite among the players in the United Kingdom. Betser, SpeedyBet and SpeedyCasino are their newer brands that really stand out as well. It is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Commission. There are a lot of strict regulations at play here. This makes it impossible, for now, for Hero Affiliates to accept any US players.

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The payments at Hero Affiliates

As we’ve mentioned before, honesty is the basic principle behind all the work that Hero Affiliates does. This means that they will never scam you out of your money. They pay regularly every month. The low limit threshold for withdrawing money is set at 100 EUR. If you fail to reach this limit in one month – then your balance will be transferred for the next month. And so on and so forth until you reach the 100 EUR threshold. On the other hand, there is no high limit for how much money you will be able to withdraw.

The base plan that the affiliates can use here is the net income revenue plan. The affiliates will get their revenue based on the net income the casinos make from their leads. Also, there is no negative carryover. If you get unlucky one month – you don’t need to worry as the balance is set at zero the next month. And the best thing about the Hero Affiliates program is that there is the lifetime income feature. If the player continues playing in the casino then the affiliate will continue reaping its rewards. Just about the only downside of the Hero Affiliates program is the fact that you can only get paid in EUR.

The Hero affiliate program in conclusion

That’s all there is to the Hero Affiliates program. You see that it has a huge potential to become one of the biggest affiliate programs on the internet. Currently, there are many affiliates that use it.

And we hope that you will get to use it successfully and profitably as well.

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