888 Affiliates – The official Affiliate Program of 888 Casino

888 Affiliates is the official affiliate program of one of the world’s leading online casinos – 888 Casino. This means that if you want to get money for promoting this casino – you can use this program alone. Is this a bad thing? It isn’t. The program is actually quite good. You can read all about it in the paragraphs below.

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The payment model

The cost per acquisition model is alive and well when it comes to 888 Affiliates. This means that you will get paid for every player that you bring forth to the casino. Provided, of course, they deposit and wager money in said casino. You will find that there are big prizes for every acquisition that you make for the casino. The beginning price for a single acquisition equals $65. This is not a small sum – at all. With only a handful of acquisitions on the daily, you will be making several hundred dollars per day.

But we’ve aid that the beginning price for an acquisition is $65. If the casino sees that you’re an asset – then the rewards for your efforts will be increased. For example, try bringing 6 people to the 888 brand every month. What you will find out is that you will now get $100 for every new acquisition. That’s almost a 100% increase from the beginning price of the acquisition.

And the high limits of the cost per acquisition is incredible $200. This money will be given to the most hardened of marketers. It’s in your best interest to attract as many people as possible to 888 Casino. And in the world of the internet, this is completely possible, provided you know your online marketing. So, long story short, by using this affiliate program, you can become rich in no time.

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888 Casino

But what about the proud user of the 888 Affiliates platform itself, the 888 Casino? If you use the internet in any way, chances are that you have heard of the 888 brand. This is one of the oldest online casinos on the internet. As such, it has attracted a horde of people that use its services to this very day.

It features many different games including various slots and table games like roulette and baccarat. There is even a dedicated 888 poker site that the poker fans around the world use. And the best part about 888 Casino is that it’s rather generous with the bonuses. For example, the new players can get $88 just by signing up. This will dramatically cut the risk of losing money for the new players. And overall, there is a reason as to why 888 Casino is one of the biggest online casinos. Be sure to try it out and see the reason for yourself.

888 Affiliates – In conclusion

We have established that the 888 Affiliates program can indeed bring forth a handsome sum of money for you. But then again, it all depends on your merits.

If you work hard and smart – you will definitely benefit from the 888 Affiliates program.

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