GiG Affiliates and the merits of this affiliate program

There are many online affiliate programs that cater to online casinos. And with good reason – affiliate marketing can be a profitable business for everyone involved. The players get information in their endeavour to find the best new online casinos. The affiliates get paid based on the number of players that come to use a particular casino’s services.

Finally, the casinos benefit from a bigger customer base due to the affiliates’ efforts. One of the best known and most popular affiliate programs in iGaming is GiG Affiliates. You will get to learn more about this affiliate program by reading our article.

The base of the GiG Affiliates program

If you have delved deeper into the world of online gambling, then you’ve heard of GiG Affiliates. And the reason for this is that many top-level casinos use this specific affiliate program. Some of these casinos are known by the names of High Roller, Rizk, Guts, Betspin, and others. If you have played on some of these casinos then you know of their quality.

You know that they offer some fantastic games made by the top developers like NetEnt and Microgaming.

The GiG Affiliates payouts

If you’re a potential affiliate, then you will want to learn about the commissions. The first thing that you need to know is that you can get paid by the net revenue share plan. This is to say that you will get paid based on a percentage of the revenue that the casino makes from your leads. This commissions plan is one of the most popular plans that affiliates tend to use. But it’s not the only available plan at the GiG Affiliates program.

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The second method that the affiliates can use is the so-called CPA method. CPA stands for cost per acquisition. The affiliate will be paid a fixed sum for every player that has made a deposit in the particular casino. Also, there is a third option in line here. This option is the so-called hybrid option. It utilizes both of the CPA method and the net revenue share plan. The thing to note here is that not everyone will be eligible for the second and third plan. In fact, your application will have to be reviewed by representatives of the casino. Then they will tell you if you’re eligible for this. The reason for this is that these two methods can be used for doing frauds a lot easier than the first one.

But in the end, the net revenue share plan can do the job for most people just fine. In most cases, you don’t need to bother with the CPA and the hybrid plans.

In conclusion

So, there you have it. That’s pretty much all the basic information that people need when it comes to GiG Affiliates. Sure, you can delve a bit deeper and learn all the additional nuances that interest you.

But for now, we believe that you will be able to make the decision whether to use this affiliate program. And we hope that you will achieve success with its use.

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