POLi – Internet Banking and Payment Provider for Casino Sites!

If you’re an online gambler, then you know how important payment methods are. They can make or break your experience. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to make deposits or withdrawals. And consequently, you won’t be able to gamble with real money.

To that end, you should only look for casino sites that offer the best banking options on the market. No need to wander the Internet – Casino-Bonus.com has done the hard work for you.

In a world of e-wallets with different features, one stands up from the pack – POLi.

It’s an e-wallet that goes by the name of POLi. You can find much useful information about it below. Acting as a third party between a bank and casino, POLi is an excellent solution for anyone looking for a safe, secure, and fast way to deposit and withdraw.

Check out the best casinos that accept POLi in 2021 in the table above and make your pick – you won’t go wrong with any.

POLi is the intermediate between the bank and the casino

What is POLi?

POLi is an e-wallet and a Centricom Pty Ltd. brand that originated in Australia. The independent company has developed various web products, but the e-wallet is by far the biggest one.

After a slow start in online gambling, the number of POLi casinos 2021 is currently on the rise. The payment method guarantees safe and secure transactions and acts as an intermediary between banks and online casinos.

A popular web payment method in New Zealand and Australia, POLi allows you to make easy deposits to your casino account and play the best real money games.

Thanks to the fact that it bypasses credit cards and uses money straight from your account, it is ideal for players who don’t want to use ‘plastic’ in online casinos.

How to Play in the Best POLi Casinos 2021

The greatest thing about POLi is how simple it is to start making deposits with it. You won’t even have to verify your identity on the platform to do this. First off, you will need to connect the account to your bank account. Once your bank account and POLi have been linked, it is very easy to make deposits in the best casinos that accept POLi in 2021.

All deposits are free of charge from POLi’s side. The only charges you might see are coming from either the casino site or your bank. Make sure to check all the information so you can avoid surprise fees later.

Withdrawing from POLi Online Casinos 2021

Unfortunately, POLi is a one-way street when it comes to online payments. You can make deposits with it, but you can’t make withdrawals. If you’ve already made a deposit at a POLi online casino 2021, you will have to select another payment option for the withdrawal.

The good news is that the casinos that use POLi in 2021 on our list offer a wide range of alternative methods that are just as easy to use.

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POLi Pros

POLi is one of the simplest and most effective electronic wallets out there. The number of POLi casinos in 2021 will surely be bigger than it is today since the payment method is becoming increasingly more popular with casino players.

The ease of use and convenience are two major tricks POLi has up its sleeve. Registration for the payment is easy and straightforward, so you don’t need to be a tech whizz to sign up for it.

Also, the fact that POLi is the intermediate between the bank and the casino means that the casino won’t get your financial data. You can feel completely safe in knowing that your data won’t be shared with any third parties, casinos included.

POLi Cons

The biggest drawback of playing at POLi casinos 2021 is the fact that you can’t use the payment to withdraw. It is only available for deposits. Another major drawback is that it’s only available to Australia and New Zealand residents.

However, with the interest its been generating, we wouldn’t be surprised seeing POLi expand to other countries.

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Why Join POLi Casinos 2021?

Can we call POLi a great payment method? Keeping the few setbacks in mind, yes, we can confirm that POLi is an excellent choice. It’s a great pick for anyone not set on using their credit/debit cards in online casinos. If you want to pay directly from your bank account, joining a POLi online casino 2021 makes perfect sense.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need an alternative withdrawal option – you can use other e-wallets for this.